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Advancing Sustainable Future Mobility

Discover the forefront of automotive innovation at CTI Symposium 2024, where industry leaders gather to tackle the challenges of sustainable future mobility. With a focus on CO2 reduction in automotive drivetrains, this symposium delves into the latest advancements in battery electric drives powered by renewable energy. From electric drives to power electronics, battery systems, and supply chain improvements, CTI Symposium offers a comprehensive exploration of cutting-edge technologies and strategies shaping the automotive landscape. Market insights and consumer research complement the technical discussions, fostering collaboration and driving progress towards a greener, more efficient automotive future.

Join Yole Group at CTI Symposium 2024 as we contribute our expertise to the advancement of sustainable mobility solutions. We are committed to driving efficiency and reliability while reducing environmental impact. At the event, we will showcase our latest insights and solutions in electric drives, power electronics, and battery systems. Engage with our team to discover how we are paving the way for a cleaner, more sustainable automotive industry.

Yole Group will be part of the program with:


Yu Yang
Principal Analyst, Automotive Semiconductors

Thursday, May 16th
3:45pm: Towards Powertrain Domain Controllers: Technical Integration Trends and OEMs’ Strategic Choices

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