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Innovate, integrate, elevate: your lab-to-fab fast track

The world needs lower-power, more resource-efficient electronics for an array of use cases, and the semiconductor industry is understandably excited about the recent surge in investments. This is good news for the industry and it will create unprecedented opportunities. 

In this new landscape, partnerships will be instrumental to getting relevant, robust, and reliable products to your markets faster. The CEA-Leti has always been to help you put innovative technologies into production in your fabs.

Leti Innovation Days 2024 will offer you a front-row seat to our most recent advances. More than 1,000 semiconductor industry professionals will attend this 3-day global event and come away equipped and inspired to innovate!

Yole Group will be part of it with:

Simone Bertolazzi,
Principal Analyst – Memory

June, thursday 27 – 2:30pm
Emerging Non-Volatile memory: a 2024 market update

in this presentation, our expert will provide an overview of emerging non-volatile memory (NVM) markets and technologies, discussing their technical maturity and their recent progress towards mass adoption in stand-alone and embedded applications. After reviewing the different NVM solutions currently available at leading semiconductor foundries/IDMs – among which MRAM, ReRAM, and PCM – Let’s discuss the challenges and opportunities for their adoption as embedded NVM in microcontrollers and edge-AI devices.

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