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MEMCON is the first memory event focused on end users and systems

MemCon empowers engineers and architects working on memory-constrained problems with peer insights from case studies in genomics, AIML, datacenter, HPC, computational fluid dynamics, in-memory databases, and enterprise knowledge graphs. If you are working on a memory-bound problem, come and unpack it with your peers, and get your hands on tech demos at the same time.

For memory systems designers, MemCon is a market deep-dive, a launchpad for CXL and emerging memory products, and a one-stop shop to meet enterprise data experts. Check out the agenda here.

Yole Group will be part of this agenda in-person with:

Senior Technology and Market Analyst – Memory

Yole Intelligence part of Yole Group

Tuesday, March 28th
Panel: “Emerging Memories (MRAM, ReRAM, Nano-RAM etc.) Getting Emerging Memories into Production and Scale in a Flash and DRAM Dominated World”

Don’t miss the technology and market overview virtual presentation about DRAM Modules and DIMM Chipset with:


Technology and market analyst,
Yole Intelligence part of Yole Group

Belinda DUDE
Integrated Circuit and Memory Technology Analyst

Yole SystemPlus

We are partners!

Yole Group is glad to be partner of MEMCON 2023. Thanks to this partnership, save 15% off your ticket with discount code YOLEGROUP15.

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