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heterogeneous systems for the intelligently connected era

The SEMI 3D & Systems Summit 2024, themed “Heterogeneous Systems for the Intelligently Connected Era.” is a summit focus on a dynamic framework where components seamlessly collaborate to power the next generation of technological innovations. These systems enable the integration of diverse functionalities, from artificial intelligence algorithms to sensor data processing, paving the way for intelligent decision-making in real-time applications, all in the pursuit of a connected and intelligent future.

Join Yole Group to gain insights from experts, engage with cutting-edge innovations, and to stay at the forefront of technological progress and contribute to the evolution of intelligently connected systems. Don’t miss it!

Yole Group will be part of the program with:

Vishal Saroha
Technology & Market Analyst, Semiconductor Equipment

Wednesday, June 12th
4:45pm: 2.5D & 3D Packaging for Heterogeneous Integration- Technology and Market Overview

Chiplets and Heterogeneous Integration requires both a design and an advanced packaging ecosystem. It is a growing trend specially in the AI, HPC, networking segments, and with potential scaling to other applications. As front-end node becomes smaller, design cost is becoming more and more important. Heterogenous integration with its 2.5D & 3D advanced packaging solutions has become critical and effective in helping to reduce the impact of the cost related to front-end manufacturing while at the same time it helps to enhance system performance and present lower latency, increased bandwidth, and power efficiency.  
Foundries and IDMs are leaders for 2.5D & 3D packaging solutions. OSATs are also following this trend, offering innovative advanced packaging solutions that help solve front-end challenges with the slowing of Moore’s Law. Strong progress in R&D and production is driving advanced packaging technologies, such as 2.5D Interposers, UHD FO, Embedded Si Bridge and Hybrid bonding, to the next level of IO density and functional integration, in high-end performance applications with an increasing number of commercialized products adopting these 2.5D & 3D packaging solutions.
This presentation will give an overview of the market trends by different application and technology trends by few key players.

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