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China International Optoelectronic Expo (CIOE)

Once again this year and for the 5th year running, Yole Group is delighted to be working and collaborating with CIOE to organize 3 Photonics forums!
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Imaging & LiDAR for Automotive Forum – Imaging and LiDAR sensors are crucial for automated driving

Date: September 6, PM, 2023

This event presents applications and technologies within the LiDAR industry, and more specifically, automotive-oriented solutions.
Within the next two years, more than 20 car models are expected to be released with at least one embedded LiDAR. The goal is to achieve automated driving on highways, which is the first step to reach level 3 autonomy. Among these 20 car models, there is a variety of players and technologies that are entering the automotive industry. But this is only the beginning as other players and new technologies are expected in a near future.


Optical Transceivers & Silicon Photonics Forum – Markets and technology trends for optical transceivers

Date: 9AM-1PM, September 7, 2023

This event will explore recent trends in optical module technology and applications for datacom and telecom. Network traffic is forecast to grow exponentially in coming years and optical communication is still highly dynamized by the cloud for telework and personal use, video-on-demand from applications such as YouTube, Netflix, iQIYI and Tencent Video, 5G expansion. The constant increase in data transfer capacity and density is also driving new technologies developments. This workshop will show the market demand for optical transceivers and the growing importance of silicon photonics. Still debated today, new approaches such as co-packaged optics are expected to reach the market soon, when technical hurdles have been overcome. This technology will see the transfer of some optical transceivers to optical engines co-packaged with switch ASICs.  Trends in players’ strategies, future technologies, roadmaps, and market forecasts in optical transceivers industry will be presented at this event.


3D Sensing for Consumer Forum – From smartphones into the Metaverse: 3D sensing is shaping the future of reality

Date: September 7, PM, 2023

When the iPhone X first introduced 3D sensing technology, it highlighted that 3D sensing could use people’s faces to digitally identify them uniquely and to create an avatar emoji. This idea is now driving interaction in the Metaverse’s 3D virtual world. 3D sensing cameras can also map the real world and digitize reality in depth. We also expect that to blend seamlessly into the virtual world of the Metaverse, creating an immersive experience. With 3D sensing, we can control smartphones and tablets with simple gestures and body movements. This is like the Metaverse’s interoperability idea. Now it is changing how we interact with this technology every day, it is bound to shape the future of reality. 3D sensing is a fundamental technology, and it is still in its infancy. Apple has brought 3D sensing into mobile applications. Other mobile brands have followed, seeing 3D sensing as a technology with huge potential, and the market is booming. With the Metaverse arriving, 3D sensing is gradually showing its strength.

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