ANALYST THURSDAY – How the iPhone continues pushing for more-than-Moore innovative solutions: a look at the future of sensing and display 

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Yole Group analysts will discuss the innovations through which smartphones help drive the future of semiconductors

Throughout the years, Apple has pushed the boundaries of semiconductor innovation through its annual upgraded iPhone releases. The recently announced iPhone 15 continues that trend. Be it through proximity and 3D sensing, imaging capabilities, and possibly display innovations in the future, we will present during this forecast what has been done, but, first and foremost, what we anticipate will be done. Tune in as many analysts from Yole Intelligence and Yole System Plus share insights on the smartphone industry.

During this webinar, our expert speakers will explore the semiconductor improvements that led to what everybody can enjoy daily: the best experience delivered by the best hardware. But what is the best hardware? Or the best experience on a smartphone?

The idea of this webcast is to provide anyone involved in the industry with everything you need to keep an eye on: When we mention “best hardware,” what does it really mean? What are the challenges that need to be resolved to be able to deliver? The main focus areas revolve around smartphone capabilities, especially imaging, sensing, displays, and similar functionalities. What are the main evolutions, trends, and expectations for the next five years?

This webinar will highlight:

  • What we see today and how to interpret that.
  • What display technologies could drive future smartphones?
  • What are imaging players doing to help OEMs deliver the best differentiating experience for the end-users?
  • Are end-users expecting something in terms of 3D sensing interactions? We will delve into that and show what is expected and the current technology and market status.
  • Everything is a challenge, and many players are still counting on the Smartphone market to deliver growth for their developments. But we know that the Smartphone market is stalling, so what is the next wave of growth? This webcast will provide the latest developments in the field.

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