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December 8 at 1 PM CET


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Smart systems are paving the way to personalized medicine which has never seemed so close.
To make it closer again, during the webinar, you will first benefit from a strategic overview of the MedTech markets provided by Benjamin Roussel, the expert in charge of the MedTech Business Unit at Yole Développement.
Nicolas Gouze from VDI/VDE will present some innovation development programs dedicated to Healthcare.
Then, Mark de Colvenaer from DSP Valley and Geraldine Andrieux from BLUMORPHO, will introduce you to current open funding opportunities related to innovative concept products including:

• cardiovascular diagnosis
• drug screening automation
• biomarkers detection
• wearable medical devices

During these webinars, DSP Valley and BLUMORPHO will also introduce funding opportunities available for innovation companies.



Benjamin ROUSSEL


Benjamin Roussel, MedTech BU Manager, Yole Développement






Mark Decolvenaer, Project Officer, DSP Valley



Nicolas GOUZE


Nicolas Gouze, Senior consultant, VDI/VDE-IT





Geraldine Andrieux, CEO, BLUMORPHO




Organs on Chips Market and Technology Report March 2017 Report.pdf Adobe Acrobat Pro Organs-On-Chips 2017

Currently worth a few million dollars, the emerging organs-on-chips market has the potential to become a multi-billion dollar market.
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point of need yole 2016Point-of-Need Testing: Application of Microfluidic Technologies 2016 

Decentralized testing for both human and non-human in-vitro diagnostics is increasingly taking advantage of innovative microfluidic technologies.
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point of need yole 2016 Connected Medical Devices Market and Business Models 2017

The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) powers industry momentum in digital health and reinvents healthcare organization.
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