LIVE WEBINAR | GaN revolution: from innovation to high-volume manufacturing

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Power & RF GaN webinar – Delve into the key market trends and manufacturing solutions shaping the future of the industry

Power & RF GaN markets maintain their growth trajectories to beyond $2.45 billion and $1.9 billion, in 2029. This comes with a significant cumulative annual growth rate (CAGR) of 46% and 10%, respectively, in the period 2023-2029.

All segments of the power GaN market will see continued growth, with the consumer segment dominating over the next 5 years. Yole Group anticipates the RF GaN market will gradually gain momentum in 2024, surpassing US$1.9 billion by 2029, driven by applications including telecom infrastructure and satellite communications.

Join us for this in-depth online event to learn about the exciting growth markets of power & RF GaN, where industry experts from Lam Research and Yole Group will delve into the key market trends and drivers and present solutions for high-volume manufacturing that are propelling GaN technologies to new heights.

This webinar,  featuring experts from Lam Research Corp. and the Yole Group, is a must-attend for semiconductor professionals seeking to understand the future of GaN devices, their market drivers, and solutions for high-volume manufacturing.

“Demonstrating Lam’s continuous innovation in the Specialty Technologies sector, we are addressing the challenges of high-volume GaN device fabrication by leveraging our production-proven, solutions. We have focused on GaN-on-Si based HEMT and monolithically integrated IC devices for power management applications,” explains Dr. David Haynes, Vice President, Specialty Technologies, Lam Research. “We are already applying the learning to key GaN-on-Si RF applications and to other GaN-based devices such as micro-LEDs. During this online event, presented in collaboration with Yole Group, we will review the capabilities that Lam has developed to support GaN device manufacturing and highlight the major benefits they are delivering to our customers.”

GaN market drivers
Consumer fast chargers and adapters remain the main drivers for power GaN. New trends include higher power and ‘all-GaN’ chargers, leading to more GaN content per charger. Power GaN is also expanding to other consumer applications, such as OVP in smartphones, presenting a billion-unit market opportunity. Besides consumer, Yole Group’s analysts expect two more growth drivers for power GaN: automotive and datacom market segments. Indeed, GaN technology is also poised to enter the automotive market in large volumes, driven by the electric vehicle boom and its associated demand for onboard chargers, as well as DC-DC converters. The telecom and infrastructure sector are expected to be another source of growth over the coming years, as artificial intelligence increases demand for data center capacity. For RF GaN, telecom infrastructure and satellite communications are, without doubt, the main market drivers. And Yole Group underlines significant new opportunities in telecom, for RF GaN-on-Si technology.

Webinar’s program

Sponsored by Lam Research, a global supplier of innovative wafer fabrication equipment and services, this program will provide insights on plasma etch, deposition and clean solutions for power and RF GaN, highlighting emerging markets and high-volume manufacturing trends.  Lam’s production-proven solutions are enabling breakthroughs in the performance and reliability of next generation GaN devices.

  • Power to RF industries: GaN’s journey to a $4.35 billion market by 2029 
    Ezgi Dogmus, Activity Manager, Semiconductor Substrates & Materials at Yole Group

A rising star in the wide band gap semiconductor family, Gallium nitride (GaN) plays an important role in power and RF applications, with respective device markets poised to grow beyond $2.45 billion and $1.9 billion by 2029.
While power GaN market is expected to flourish, in consumer, data center and automotive segments with a remarkable CAGR of 46% from 2023 to 2029, RF GaN is fueled by advancements in telecom infrastructure, satellite communication and more. 
Yole Group’s presentation will delve into power and RF GaN markets, exploring technological challenges, market outlooks, and evolving landscapes. 

  • Addressing the challenges of high-volume GaN device fabrication. Enabling Specialty Technologies by leveraging production-proven, leading-edge solutions
    Michelle Bourke, Managing Director, CSBG Strategic Marketing, Lam Research Corp.
    David Haynes, Vice President, Specialty Technologies, Lam Research Corp.

GaN-on-silicon based HEMTs and ICs have emerged as key technologies that will support next generation power and RF solutions. Today they are already established in applications such as fast mobile phone chargers and they will play an increasingly important role in future automotive and wireless communications systems as well.
Despite this ongoing adoption of GaN devices, the unique technical challenges associated with GaN HEMT fabrication still need to be addressed to further improve both device performance and reliability, and manufacturing productivity and yield.  
At Lam, we have focused on addressing these challenges for GaN-on-silicon based HEMT and monolithically integrated IC devices for power management applications. However, we are already applying the learning to key GaN-on-silicon RF applications and to other GaN based devices such as micro-LEDs. In this webinar, we will discuss some of the key challenges of GaN device processing, summarize the capabilities we have developed to support GaN device manufacture, and highlight some of the device performance benefits they are delivering to our customers.

  • Live questions & answers session
    Moderated by Claire Troadec, Director of the More than Moore activities at Yole Group

Do not miss the opportunity to hear from experts at the forefront of semiconductor manufacturing technologies.
Save the date and be part of this exciting online event, that’s sure to spark your interest and broaden your knowledge in what the future holds for GaN devices.

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