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Webcast sensors for drones and robots - Yole Developpement

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Sensors for drones and robots: market opportunities and technology revolution – Pierre Cambou, Senior Analyst, Yole Développement

Drones and robots have slowly evolved beyond their military and industrial core markets and are emerging into mainstream applications. Join us for the webcast, and understand this trend ahead of the curve, learn about the key importance of sensors for drones and robots, to be able to spot the opportunities in terms of market and technologies.

New miniaturized integrated sensors for prosumer drones: the example of Sequoia in Precision Agriculture Yannick Lévy, VP of Corporate Business Development, Parrot

As the drone market continues to grow, regulators are considering the weight as the most important aspect with respect to safety and operations. Rather than increasing the size and weight of drones, how about decreasing the size and weight of the payload ? Parrot Sequoia is the first Gopro-size multispectral & visible sensor available on the market. It is offered with different software and cloud-based solutions for analyzing the data and transform it into useful business-wise advice for famers and crop consultants.

Semiconductor Innovations and STMicroelectronics Speeding up Revolution of Drones Xavier Baraton, Strategic Business Development Director, Consumer Robotics and Smart City, Greater China and South Asia, Asia Pacific Region. STMicroelectronics

Drones occupy a growing space in the robotics industry, bridging gaps between toys, consumer and professional flying systems. Many advanced functions existing in Internet of Things and mobile devices are already found into drones, from processors to connectivity, sensors to vision computing, power management to motor control, with similar challenges of performance, cost and integration. The Drones revolution is enabled by the semiconductors and STMicroelectronics innovations, with strong interaction from the IoT and the mobile electronics experience.



Xavier Baraton ST BW

Xavier Baraton is ST’s Strategic Business Development Director for Consumer Robotics and Smart City in Greater China and South Asia, Asia Pacific Region. Baraton held various R&D positions at Thomson group in Germany, before joining STMicroelectronics in Grenoble, France, in 1997. He moved to ST Singapore in 2006 to lead the packaging group in Asia and the back-end operational activities at the ST Singapore plant. From 2009 until early 2015, Baraton was Group Vice President within ST’s Packaging & Test Manufacturing organization, leading the Corporate Packaging and Automation Group. Xavier Baraton was born near Paris, France, in 1973, and graduated with a Master’s degree in Physics and Material Science Engineering from the French National Institute of Applied Sciences (INSA). He also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Grenoble and an Executive MBA from INSEAD Business School (Singapore, France, and UAE).

Pierre Cambou - Yole Développement

Pierre Cambou is Activity Leader, in Imaging & Sensors for Yole Développement. In 1999 he joined the imaging industry. He had earned an Engineering degree from Université de Technologie de Compiègne in parallel to a Master of Science from Virginia Tech in 1998. More recently he graduated from Grenoble Ecole de Management’s MBA. Pierre took several positions at Thomson TCS which became Atmel Grenoble in 2001 and e2v Semiconductors in 2006. In 2012 he founded the start-up Vence Innovation (now called Irlynx) in order to bring to market a disruptive Man to Machine interaction technology. He joined Yole Développement, the “More than Moore” market research and strategy consulting company, as Imaging Activity Leader in 2014.



Yannick Levy Parrot - Webcast Sensors for Drones and Robots - Yole DéveloppementYannick Lévy is the VP of Corporate Business Development of Parrot. Since 2012, Parrot has been investing massively in drones and related ecosystem, Yannick has been responsible for these investments of Parrot, such as Sensefly, Pix4d, Delairtech, Airinov, EOS innovation and Micasense. Previously, Yannick headed the Digital Tuner Business Unit of Parrot, renamed from DiBcom that he founded in 2000 as the CEO, and sold to Parrot in 2011. DiBcom had developed the World leading chipsets for Digital TV and Radio reception in Cars and other mobile devices. Prior to DiBcom, Yannick graduated from Supélec in 1991 and obtained his Ph. D. in Electrical Engineering in 1994 from the University of Notre Dame, U.S.A. He held several positions in R&D, Sales and Management at Sagem, SES Astra and Atmel prior to founding DiBcom.





Steven LaFerriere serves as Director of North America Business Development at Yole Développement.  Steven has more than 20 years of experience as a sales executive in the electronics marketplace, with an outstanding track record of customer problem solving.  Prior to joining Yole Développement in January 2015, he was a Senior Account Manager at IHS Corporation. His career also includes marketing positions and technical sales support at Avnet Electronics.  Steven is a graduate of California State University Long Beach in Southern California.



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