WEBINAR – How miniLED displays have changed the display supply chain

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MiniLED displays are paving the way for major changes in the display supply chain; get access to Yole group’s latest analysis

Having access to the best display quality is a race that started last century with the development of multiple display technologies. Now, the display world is dominated by LCD and OLED, with the microLED display revolution around the corner.

But today, it is the use of miniLED as a backlight that is shaking up the display industry. The miniLED opportunity triggered more than $25B of investment during the last three years. And there is a critical value transfer: miniLEDs are transferring value away from the LCD panel to the backlight. Since the backlights require less expertise and capital than the panels, many are eager to capture this value.

But capturing this value means having to make technological choices that are not yet industry staples. All along the supply chain, many questions need to be answered: how many miniLEDs, at what size, how many zones, how many drivers, what kind of driving, what technology complexity for the miniLED chips and the driver chips, how is the optical stack assembled in the backlight unit, does it depend on the underlying chips, and so on. And overall, given the choices made, does it really bring LCD performance closer to OLED?

Yole Group took the matter to heart and aimed at providing our customers with a combined analysis that cannot be found elsewhere. We acquired five different miniLED LCDs and analyzed them in detail. For each of them, we have both a detailed teardown and a performance analysis by our partners PISÉO and DXOMARK. Now, it is time to present to you our results…

Let’s find more about the full program of the webinar:

  • With Yole Intelligence, as an introduction to the webcast, we will share the latest trends and market figures based on our analysis of the technology and the supply chain. Whether miniLEDs will disrupt the display market and leave OLED out, or be a temporary technology for the industry, that is an open question for which we shall present our opinion.​
  • With Yole SystemPlus, deep dive into a technical and cost comparison of two miniLED BLU with very different technical choices, the Samsung Monitor Odyssey Neo G9 49’’ and the Skyworth Q72 TV 75 inch.
  • With PISEO, we will focus on the comparison between the Samsung TV NEO QLED 65QN900A which adopts All-In-One-Plate technology as its backlight unit (BLU) architecture, and the TCL TV 85X925 Pro 85″ which uses OD Zero technology, where the miniLEDs are in contact with the first optical film of the BLU.
  • With Kulicke & Soffa, our guest partner, the innovative laser transfer technology and a comparison to existing methods for both equipment and processes will be discussed.

You will find more information about our offer and MiniLED products, on our dedicated webpage: HERE.

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