15 Tesla Semi electric trucks are expected to be delivered to PepsiCo this year

PepsiCo says that it is expecting 15 Tesla Semi electric trucks by the end of the year, giving us better insights into Tesla’s plan to produce and deliver the electric truck.

The Tesla Semi program has been delayed several times, but it looks like the automaker is finally preparing to start production and deliveries.

Last summer, CEO Elon Musk told employees in an email obtained by Electrek that “it’s time to bring Tesla Semi to volume production” without updating the timeline.

More recently, Tesla has indicated that the electric truck would enter production this year with some deliveries to customers.

We have been seeing some evidence of that actually happening with new Tesla Semi prototypes being spotted for the first time since the original two prototypes unveiled in 2017.

It’s unclear what kind of volume Tesla can achieve with the electric truck program this year, but now we are getting an idea through a project with PepsiCo.

After the launch of Tesla Semi in 2017, PepsiCo placed one of the biggest orders for Tesla Semi: 100 electric trucks to add to their fleet.