2016 IoT Planet Trade Show – a unique European IoT event

Discover the second edition of the IoT Planet trade show, a unique high-tech event in Europe. The trade show will be held from October 25th to 27th, 2016 at Alpexpo in Grenoble France. Following the success of the first edition in October 2015, this second edition highlights Grenoble’s position as a leader of global innovation. The event will be held alongside the Semicon Europa trade show, making it a unique opportunity in Europe to discover the electronics industry’s entire value chain.

PR IoT Planet 2016 IoT Planet combines the advantages of a major exhibition with smaller spaces dedicated to startups, forums, debates, IoT services, partner events and numerous networking opportunities. The two trade shows will house more than 700 stands in an exhibition space that covers 15,000 m2. More than 7,000 visitors are expected. In addition, this year IoT Planet will be opened to high-tech enthusiasts.

Geared towards industry professionals as well as the general public, the trade show’s forums will be held in the Agora located in the center of the exhibition space. Round table discussions will bring together IoT company leaders to analyze the long-term viability and impact of IoT. Various forums will discuss fields such as smart living, smart industries, data security, education, recruitment and management.

Partner tribunes will allow companies to promote their IoT applications and services in front of the general public or a specifically targeted audience. By planning corporate events to be integrated in the IoT Planet Trade Show, partner companies will take advantage of the event’s international audience.

New developments for the 2016 IoT Planet Trade Show

This year’s trade show will include a hackathon and a space dedicated to crash-testing innovations. In partnership with Grenoble Ecole de Management, participating companies will be able to test their innovations with a panel of users.
“Meeting consumer expectations means going beyond the technological innovation of a connected object. You have to test a variety of factors such as pricing, ethics, design, maintenance and user experience. Before considering large-scale production, it’s essential to confirm an innovation’s added value thanks to feedback from a consumer panel.” explains Sylvie Blanco, a professor and director of collaborative research at Grenoble Ecole de Management.

To round out this year’s novelties, the IoT Planet Trade Show will also become a connected event. A new B2B application will facilitate networking and increase business opportunities during the trade show.
Entrance to the trade show is free for professionals and high-tech enthusiasts!

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About IoT Planet Universal
As a French company based in Grenoble, IoT Planet Universal is dedicated to markets, business opportunities, applications and services related to the internet of things. The company’s “ IoT Planet ” events differentiate themselves thanks to unique networking and business opportunities for visitors, professionals and partner organizations. By fostering interactions and innovation, the company aims to contribute to Europe’s role as a leader in the ongoing economic, industrial and societal revolution. IoT Planet Universal has developed partnerships in Europe, Asia and America in order to build an international network that connects major IoT ecosystems.