880MWh! Sungrow Powers Atlas Renewable Energy in LATAM’s largest standalone energy storage plant

Sungrow, the PV inverter and energy storage system provider, has recently inked an agreement with Atlas Renewable Energy,the largest and fastest growing independently-owned renewables power producer in Latin America, to exclusively utilize Sungrow’s liquid cooling storage system, PowerTitan, for the 200MW/880MWh BESS del Desierto project. Upon completion, this plant will significantly alleviate curtailment in Northern Chile, enhance regional energy reliability and contribute to achieving the goal of 100% clean energy by 2050.

Nested in the Atacama Desert, BESS del Desierto confronts a unique challenge: the abundant photovoltaic resources cannot be fully transported to the core power consumption area located 1500 kilometers away due to grid load capacity constraints. Atlas Renewable Energy is poised to build Chile’s biggest large-scale standalone energy storage plant, which will capture excess solar energy during the day and seamlessly integrate it into the grid when load capacity permits. This innovative approach will enhance regional power consumption’s flexibility and sustainability. Atlas forecasts that approximately 280GWh of additional electricity will feed into the grid annually, effectively mitigating Chile’s curtailment.

The Atacama Desert presents harsh conditions, including heavy dust and extreme temperature fluctuations exceeding 30℃. To ensure the long-term stability of BESS del Desierto, PowerTitan boasts C5 corrosion resistance, IP65 protection against wind and sand, intelligent liquid cooling, and a smart operation and maintenance (O&M) system, ensuring optimal temperature control and stability.

Moreover, Sungrow utilizes advanced grid-forming technology to deliver millisecond-level active and reactive power responses, frequency modulation, voltage regulation, and harmonic suppression. This helps stabilize power grids, actively enhancing the strength of the local grid, addressing the challenges of long-distance and complex grid dispatch, and providing Chile a more stable energy supply.

“BESS del Desierto is Atlas’s first energy storage station and a crucial milestone in our entry into the energy storage sector. It represents a significant strategic effort to effectively harness solar energy resources to enhance energy reliability in Latin America. We are thrilled to take this step forward alongside our long-standing partner, Sungrow,” said Patrick Valentin, Head of Strategic Sourcing at Atlas Renewable Energy.