ACM research receives orders from a Global IDM for wet stripping systems for wafer-level packaging

ACM Research a supplier of wafer processing solutions for semiconductor and advanced wafer-level packaging (WLP) applications, announced receipt of two orders for ACM’s Ultra C pr wet stripping system from a global integrated device manufacturer (IDM). The IDM plans to deploy these tools in its China-based advanced packaging manufacturing facility for ease of use in photoresist (PR) removal in WLP applications. The first tool was delivered during October of 2021, and the second order is scheduled to be delivered in the first quarter of 2022.

ACM offers a full product line of wet processing tools for WLP applications, ranging from coaters, developers, wet etchers, cleaning and PR strippers, to advanced copper plating tools. While our WLP wet tools have gained acceptance with China-based manufacturers, these orders represent ACM’s first WLP wet tool commitment from a major global player,” said Dr. David Wang, President and Chief Executive Officer of ACM. “We consider this to be another validation of ACM’s technology offerings and production scale. I am pleased with the progress our expert team has made in wet processing technology, and I am excited by our opportunity to further broaden our reach to additional global customers.

ACM’s Ultra C pr wet stripping system is designed for high efficiency, precise control, optimized safety and increased throughput for WLP. The design incorporates both wet bench tank soaking and single-wafer processing for maximum effectiveness, in addition to flexible process control. The tool can be used alone or with the ACM’s proprietary SAPS™ megasonic option for removal of extremely thick or difficult PR coatings.