AIC and Fargo Solution forge strategic distribution partnership

AIC a global leader in OEM/ODM and COTS server and storage solutions, announced a groundbreaking distribution agreement with Fargo Solution, a pioneering total IT solutions distributor that based in Seoul Korea.

AIC has been at the forefront of the industry since founded in 1996, renowned for its comprehensive expertise in mechanical, electronic, and system-level engineering of storage server and chassis design. The company’s dedication to innovation and commitment to customer satisfaction have earned it a prominent position in the global market. With headquarters in Taiwan and a strong presence in the United States, Asia, and Europe, AIC offers highly flexible and configurable products adaptable to any form factor, standard, or custom requirement.

Fargo Solution, with a proven track record in the Korean server market, has gained a reputation for delivering exceptional hardware products and solutions, including servers, storages, IPCs, and specialized products such as chassis and motherboards. The company’s ability to customize solutions to meet specific needs, coupled with its skilled maintenance and research personnel, ensures the delivery of stable and dependable technology.

This strategic partnership between AIC and Fargo Solution is set to create a synergy that leverages the strengths of both companies to support Korean customers. AIC’s extensive portfolio of server and storage products will seamlessly complement Fargo’s deep understanding of the Korean market. By combining forces, the partnership aims to maximize value for customers by providing an unparalleled range of specialized products, professional design and maintenance services, and customized solutions, all while optimizing resources.

“AIC is thrilled to sign the distribution contract with Fargo Solution” said Michael Liang, CEO and President of AIC. “AIC has led the storage server industry over 25 years. We commit to provide cutting-edge storage server products with great quality and services. Together with Fargo Solution’s local distribution and maintenance supports, we will provide best-in-class server solutions to fulfill Korean customer’s needs.”

An official from Fargo Solutions said, “We have excellent maintenance and research personnel with many years of experience in the industry’s top-notch server company.” Through strategic alliances, we expect to maximize each other’s strengths.”