Aistron launches next generation G10-SiC 200 mm product solution for Silicon Carbide Epitaxy

AIXTRON SE launched its new G10-SiC 200 mm system for high volume manufacturing of latest generation Silicon Carbide (“SiC”) power devices on 150/200 mm SiC wafers. This high temperature CVD system, bringing innovation to the next level, was just announced at the International Conference on Silicon Carbide and Related Materials (ICSCRM), currently taking place in Davos, Switzerland. The wide-band-gap material SiC is set to become mainstream technology for efficient power electronics. SiC substantially contributes to the decarbonization of our modern society and therefore supports climate protection. Driven by the growing adoption of SiC based power semiconductors within electromobility solutions, the worldwide demand for SiC wafers is growing rapidly, further accelerated by the motivation to reduce dependency towards oil supply.

The new G10-SiC system is built on our established G5 WW C 150 mm platform and provides a flexible dual wafer size configuration of 9×150 & 6×200 mm. This feature is instrumental for the transition of the SiC industry from 150 mm (6 Inch) to 200 mm (8 Inch) wafer diameter. The new platform is built around our proven automated wafer cassette-to-cassette loading solution with high temperature wafer transfer. Combined with high growth rate process capabilities, the G10‑SiC provides best-in class wafer throughput and throughput per square meter to efficiently use the limited cleanroom space available in semiconductor fabs.

The AIXTRON G10-SiC supports a large variety of device structures incl. single and double drift layer structures meeting stringent 150 mm uniformity requirements of sigma values less than 2% for doping and thickness. The automated wafer loading reduces the risk of particle defects to a minimum, resulting in typical defect counts of < 0.02/cm2.

This is a truly new generation high-performance system. The new dual wafer size configuration fully supports the transition from today’s 150 mm wafer technology and safeguards the investments of our customer for the future. With the highest throughput available to date in this form factor, it maximizes fabs productivity and capability to ramp even faster”, says Dr. Frank Wischmeyer, Vice President SiC of AIXTRON. At the same time, the newly developed in-situ top side wafer temperature control (TTC) solution optimizes the wafer-level process control within a batch as well as from batch-to-batch. This results in predictable high yields meeting tight production specifications at competitive cost levels”, adds Dr. Wischmeyer.

Epitaxial layer uniformity is essential to meet a high yield on device level. The high throughput of the system paired with low consumption costs per processed wafers results in the lowest cost per wafer in the industry.

We are proud to deliver yet another solution to our partners around the globe, that combines industrial top-standard and immense climate effects. The positive feedback from our partners and customers after evaluation and production qualification of our new G10-SiC system has already generated additional customer interest”, says Dr. Felix Grawert CEO & President of AIXTRON SE.

The G10-SiC is becoming an important building block for our customers’ worldwide production expansion, and we are committed to support this scaling with our system manufacturing, service and process support excellence.”, Dr. Grawert concludes.