ANAFI Thermal the ultra-compact and lightweight thermal drone solution dedicated to all professionals!

With thermal and 4K cameras, Parrot’s unique new drone is built for several professional applications

Parrot, the European drone, has unveiled ANAFI Thermal: An all-inone drone-based thermography solution (drone + sensor + software) with proven reliability and outstanding performance.

ANAFI Thermal uses the lightweight, simple-to-use, and highly advanced ANAFI drone platform, which has evolved for professional usage. In addition to its built-in 4K HDR camera, ANAFI Thermal integrates a FLIR®thermal sensor. With the ability to reveal the invisible in an instant, the FLIR® sensor is a benchmark feature in the professional drone sector. ANAFI Thermal collects relevant and previously inaccessible data with complete security, improving the return on investment, efficiency and productivity for professionals in multiple industries.

With ANAFI Thermal, professionals can view live thermal and RGB images (4K HDR) of surfaces, structures or at-risk areas as the drone flies over or under them. The drone’s unique imaging capabilities allow professionals to take immediate action or analyze recorded photos and videos in unprecedented detail. With this unparalleled solution in the UAV market, Parrot is reinforcing its commitment to professionals. ANAFI Thermal is designed to profoundly revolutionize the way many industries and trades operate, offering professionals a complete solution that adapts perfectly to their requirements and needs:

–        Experts in civil security and rescue services

–        Building and public works professionals

–        Energy producers and transporters

–        Organizations for the preservation of the environment and animal species

ANAFI Thermal: Two high-precision cameras film the invisible and the visible The Paris-based engineers at Parrot used the ANAFI drone platform to develop ANAFI Thermal. The result of thousands of hours of testing and development, the platform offers exceptional features, performance and unique software maturity.

ANAFI Thermal’s gimbal features two embedded miniaturized cameras (thermal and RGB 4K), stabilized on three axes for sharp videos and clear pictures in any flight conditions: – A FLIR® radiometric thermal-imaging camera with a 160×120 resolution and a temperature range of 14°F to 752°F reveals the invisible and provides live temperature readings. Directly from the FreeFlight 6 app, the pilot can instantly identify areas of heat loss in hot and cold spots and isolate subjects.

– A 4K HDR camera with 21MP Sony sensor is an essential tool for detailed visual inspection of surfaces and buildings. It provides high-resolution images and videos to help inspect the state of a structure and captures precise images of a search area, among other applications. Extend ANAFI Thermal capabilities with the Pix4DModel app. Captured data is used to build a 3D image of buildings and scenes, enabling professionals to perform 3D inspections and measure dimensions after the flight. Images of the visible and the invisible can be merged directly within the FreeFlight 6 app. Each element of the environment appears in high precision, with visual representations of thermal leaks and temperature differences superimposed on the image. ANAFI Thermal’s gimbal is a unique feature for a drone of this category, with the ability to tilt vertically 90° upward or downward. This gives professionals ground-breaking capabilities to inspect beneath structures in zenith view or roofs and flat surfaces in nadir view. Thanks to the 3X digital zoom, the pilot can examine hard-to-reach elements and the details of a scene in 4K or with thermal imaging without taking any risks.

ANAFI Thermal: Who is it for and how is it used?

ANAFI Thermal is a complete solution that perfectly adapts to the needs of building industry professionals (roofers, insulation and thermal inspection specialists), major public works and construction, installers of solar panels, energy suppliers and transporters, civil security services and rescue services such as firefighters. Lightweight and ultracompact, it is always ready to travel by hand, in a backpack or in the car trunk.

For building professionals, ANAFI Thermal can be used to assess thermal losses of a façade or a roof. The drone offers costcontrol benefits and removes the need for equipment such as ladders and scaffolding.

For civil security services, ANAFI Thermal enables remote and post-intervention applications, including monitoring hot points and helping teams decide whether to retain personnel and equipment on-site. 4K imagery and thermal rendering can speed up and ease the process of conducting searches in rugged areas without endangering the search teams.

For energy suppliers and transporters, ANAFI Thermal can identify power failures on high-voltage cables within minutes or even isolate a defective solar panel.

For organizations for the protection of the environment and wildelife, ANAFI Thermal provides discreet and quiet operation, which minimizes potential stress to animals. The drone makes it possible to observe, identify and count species while the pilot remains at a distance – potentially even protecting animals from poachers through remote monitoring.