Analog Devices and Foxconn work together to advance the next-generation digital cockpit platform and high-performance battery management system

Analog Devices a global semiconductor leader, and Hon Hai Technology (“Foxconn”) (TWSE:2317), the world’s largest electronics manufacturing services provider, are pleased to announce the completion of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) towards the development of the next-generation digital car cockpit and a high-performance battery management system (BMS). The signing event was officiated by Vincent Roche, CEO and Chair of ADI, and Young Liu, CEO and Chair of Foxconn.

Together, the two companies are positioned to forge a transformative path by advancing software-defined and more sustainable, feature-rich vehicles, ultimately pursuing a new era of automotive excellence.

“The global automotive industry continues to digitalize and differentiate at the semiconductor level to deliver a more personalized, immersive, and sustainable driving experience,” said Vincent Roche, CEO and Chair at ADI. “ADI is delighted to work together with Foxconn to create a smarter mobility ecosystem and accelerate the breakthrough innovations the industry needs. With our joint expertise, we aim to transform the automotive industry towards a future of mobility that is better for humanity and the planet.”

“Foxconn actively collaborates with international partners to link ecosystems and unlock greater value in electric car technology and smart transportation. We are looking forward to working with ADI to leverage its high-performance automotive electronics technology, enabling our clients to overcome obstacles and seize emerging possibilities,” said Young Liu, CEO and Chair of Foxconn.

ADI’s flexible hardware and robust software solutions, combined with Foxconn’s expertise in electronic design, system-level integration capabilities, and manufacturing prowess, have the potential to deliver scalable vehicle platforms to disrupt the future of automotive manufacturing and create a more enjoyable and user-friendly cockpit experience. ADI’s portfolio for automotive electrification, ADI RechargeTM, includes system-level solutions for BMS, electric powertrain, and power management to enable smarter, more efficient and longer-range EVs. Automotive cabin applications such as advanced infotainment, smart cockpits, and autonomous driving would leverage ADI A2BTM , Gigabit Multimedia Serial Link (GMSLTM) video links, and SHARC® DSP. Furthermore, ADI’s innovations in edge processing is valuable in enabling sophisticated information ecosystems in the automobile to realize the potential of software-defined vehicles.

Foxconn remains steadfast in its commitment to reimagining the electric vehicle sector and propelling advancements in interconnected fields. ADI’s technology helps enable Foxconn to deliver quality and high-performance products and solutions to its end customers. Foxconn has devised a comprehensive strategy for advancing the EV industry, encompassing vehicle design, key components, global manufacturing, and efficient supply chain services. This holistic approach caters to the demands of customization and rapid product development. With ADI’s system level solutions, technology platforms, and engineering support, Foxconn can provide automotive customers access to highly competitive and cost-effective products, benefiting from vertically-integrated R&D resources and facilitating faster time-to-market (TTM).

ADI’s Solutions for Electrification and Automotive Cabin Experience

As the world moves towards Net Zero, ADI’s electrification solutions aim to accelerate the decarbonization of transportation and the energy grid. ADI’s leadership in battery, power, and energy management is helping enable high performance, reliable, and resilient operations of the electrification ecosystem—including electric vehicles, energy storage systems, transmission/distribution, renewable energy generation, and more. Working alongside its customers, ADI is also enabling the digital cockpit and safe mobility revolution through its leadership in digital processing and data connectivity platforms. These are helping promote feature-rich applications and autonomous driving/advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) in the vehicle. ADI’s innovations leverage precision sensing, edge processing, software and wireless technologies to deliver secure insights at the sensor edge for localized, real-time decision making.