Appearing at the China international import Expo, WeRide and Nissan mobility launched the Robotaxi mobile travel service in Suzhou

The 5th China International Import Expo (CIIE) , Nissan (China) Investment announced the establishment of Nissan Mobility Services, headquartered in Suzhou , dedicated to developing mobility in China. The operation of travel services and driverless taxis continues to promote the transformation of Nissan’s business in China. Nissan Mobility provides support for the construction of China’s intelligent transportation system through cooperation with Suzhou High-speed Railway New City. WeRide, the world’s autonomous driving company, will provide autonomous driving technical support for the Suzhou project.

Nissan mentioned that as a long-term partner of Nissan Motor, WeRide has always focused on the research and development and implementation of autonomous driving technology since its establishment. At the end of 2019, it took the lead in successfully launching the first commercial autonomous driving in China’s first-tier cities in Guangzhou at the end of 2019. The taxi (Robotaxi) team provides Robotaxi travel services for local citizens. It has been in safe operation for more than 1,000 days. It has accumulated rich experience in autonomous driving technology and commercialization, and has formed a complete solution and product methodology for future-oriented mobile travel.

Mr. Shohei Yamazaki, Senior Vice President of Nissan Motor and Chairman of the Nissan China Management Committee, said: “Continuing to introduce future technologies, mobility solutions and products to enrich the lives of Chinese consumers is an important part of Nissan’s long-term strategy in China. component.”

Mr. Zhang Li, Chief Operating Officer of WeRide Technology. said: “WeRide, as the main provider of autonomous driving technology for the Suzhou project, will deeply participate in and fully support the R&D, testing and daily operation of Nissan Mobility Service’s autonomous driving service fleet. With the concept of ‘safety first’, we will join hands with Nissan to bring safer, more efficient and more comfortable self-driving travel experience to Suzhou citizens, and let future technology help a better life.”

In the future, WeRide will give full play to its advantages in the field of autonomous driving technology, assist Nissan Mobility to accelerate the implementation of Robotaxi in Suzhou, and jointly explore new directions for mobile travel.