ArcherDX to collaborate with Illumina on next-generation sequencing-based in vitro diagnostics development

Agreement to bring multiple archer assays through FDA approval process. ArcherDX, announced an agreement to develop next-generation sequencing (NGS)-based in vitro diagnostic (IVD) tests with Illumina. Under terms of the agreement, ArcherDX will lead the development of a series of diagnostic tests utilizing ArcherDX’s Anchored Multiplex PCR (AMP™) chemistry that will be run on the Illumina® MiSeqDx® instrument. This agreement reflects the commitment of both companies to provide NGS-based diagnostics to support current and future clinical trials.

 “The ArcherDX-Illumina partnership enables our vision of creating a companion test aligned to the current and next generations of targeted therapies, rather than a single companion diagnostic targeting a single targeted therapy. This will dramatically improve patient outcomes and lower the sample and cost burdens of clinical sequencing in the future,” stated ArcherDX’s CEO, Dr. Jason Myers. “This approach is a paradigm shift from the ‘one test for one drug’ method. In recent years, we have seen targeted drugs against ALK and ROS1 translocations approved in record time, and targets like NTRK, MET, and FGFR are not far behind. By partnering with multiple pharmaceutical companies and Illumina in a shared mission against cancer, ArcherDX now has all the pieces required to take an end-to-end NGS diagnostic assay through a regulated process.”

“Illumina is committed to enabling the development of companion diagnostics using NGS,” said John Leite, Ph.D., Vice President of Market Development for Oncology at Illumina. “We are pleased to partner with ArcherDX to expand IVD test offerings on the MiSeqDx instrument.”

“The proven sequencing quality from the MiSeqDx system, when paired with ArcherDX’s ability to interrogate small amounts of RNA and DNA from FFPE samples, has already enabled the detection of novel, actionable alterations from clinical sample types,” said Stephen Picone, Executive Director of Corporate Development at ArcherDX. “A companion diagnostic assay that combines ArcherDX technology with Illumina instrumentation is a major step towards fulfilling what we set out to do.”

About ArcherDX
ArcherDX addresses the bottlenecks associated with using NGS in translational research by offering a robust platform for targeted sequencing applications. By combining proprietary Anchored Multiplexed PCR (AMP™) chemistry and easy-to-use, lyophilized reagents, Archer NGS assays generate highly enriched sequencing libraries to detect gene fusions, point mutations, CNVs and RNA abundance. Complemented by the Archer suite of bioinformatics software, ArcherDX technology dramatically enhances complex mutation identification and discovery. ArcherDX is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado.

Source: ArcherDX / Business Wire