ASUS announces ROG swift PG27UQX mini-LED G-SYNC ultimate gaming minitor

World’s first-ever G-SYNC ultimate gaming display with mini-LED technology for stunning 4K HDR visuals and extreme contrast ratios. This is a 4K (3840 x 2160) monitor with 576 Zones dimming zones.

ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) announced ROG Swift PG27UQX with G-SYNC Ultimate, the world’s first gaming display to be engineered with miniLED technology, enabling it to deliver stunning 4K HDR visuals with super-high contrast ratios. Mini LEDs are physically smaller than those found in displays with conventional LED backlights, and therefore can be packed in more densely. Specifically, Swift PG27UQX employs mini LEDs that are a mere 200-300 micrometers in size, so ROG engineers were able to pack in 2,304 of these next-gen LEDs into its 27-inch, 3840 x 2160 IPS display — marking a dramatic improvement over its predecessor, Swift PG27UQ. With mini LEDs arranged across 576 distinct lighting zones, Swift PG27UQX has improved backlighting uniformity and increased granularity of its brightness controls.

  • Mini-LED technology: 27-inch IPS display packed with 2,304 LED backlights, each less than 300?m in size, across 576 distinct zones
  • 4K HDR visuals: G-SYNC Ultimate HDR, DCI-P3 97% and Adobe RGB with quantum-dot technology 99%, 1,000 nits and DisplayHDR 1000 compliance
  • Overclockable 144Hz refresh: Ultra-high refresh for buttery smooth gameplay and G-SYNC ULTIMATE support to eliminate tearing, stutter and input lag
  • Display 27” (68.4 cm) Wide Screen (16:9) 
  • Resolution 4K (3840 x 2160) 
  • Refresh rate 144Hz 
  • HDR support Yes
  • DisplayHDR 1000 compliance; UHDA compliance Dynamically 
  • Local Dimming Yes, 576 Zones 
  • NVIDIA technology NVIDIA® G-SYNC Ultimate technology 
  • Quantum-dot technology Yes DCI-P3 & Adobe RGB support 
  • Connectivity DisplayPort v1.4, HDMI (v2.0), USB 3.0 (upstreamx1, downstreamx2), 3.5 mm earphone jack

The ability to control local dimming more precisely means that gamers can enjoy highly detailed HDR visuals with super-high contrast ratios. The mini-LED technology also reduces the distracting halo effect, where light bleeds around bright points, by up to 33%. Power consumption of the panel itself is also reduced, by around 7% compared to Swift PG27UQ. Heat output is also lower as result of the reduced energy use. ROG Swift PG27UQX inherits all the capabilities of Swift PG27UQ, including 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) resolution, an overclockable 144Hz refresh rate, quantum-dot technology, wide DCI-P3 97% and Adobe RGB 99% color gamut, 1,000-nits peak brightness, DisplayHDR 1000 compliance, NVIDIA® G-SYNC™ Ultimate support and integrated Aura RGB illumination with Aura Sync support.

Swift PG27UQX also introduces new smart fan controls, enabling gamers to adjust fan speeds directly from the display. These controls allow the user to dial in the exact rotational speed needed to maintain ideal thermals without causing unnecessary noise. The display’s dual fans operate more efficiently than ever, generating barely more than a whisper