Avalanche Technology and Eideticom partner to drive innovative NVMe storage solutions

Avalanche Technology, the leader in next generation MRAM technology, announced a partnership with Eideticom to provide valuable NVMe storage solutions to the aerospace & defense community. Based in Calgary, Canada, Eideticom brings strong terrestrial heritage for its world class storage solutions, leveraged in cloud and enterprise data centers , including tailored computational accelerators and high efficiency software stacks. Additional detail about how these combined efforts will manifest will be illuminated in coming weeks, including a presentation by Avalanche General Manager, Paul Chopelas, at the IEEE Space Computing Conference in July.

As outlined in a recent white paper on the potential role of data centers in space can play to enable envisioned satellite network scalability, adaptability and resilience to threats, there are few environments where every square inch, ounce, or watt counts more than in space. By bringing together idealized non-volatile memory in the form of Avalanche Gen 3 High Density, High Reliability and optimized software stacks with standard NVMe interfaces, this vision of a seamless distributed storage network in space can now be realized.

“By partnering with a leader in NVMe storage software, we can jointly provide a leading edge storage architecture to the space community, further demonstrating agile innovation at the platform level” said Danny Sabour, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at Avalanche Technology. “With the densities, inherent radiation resilience and virtually infinite endurance of our Gen 3 Space Grade MRAM offering, storage architecture requirements become remarkably aligned between terrestrial and space systems. Eideticom’s standards based NVMe solutions will allow further efficiency optimization in an environment where it’s especially precious, space.”

“We are pleased to join forces with Avalanche technology, the market leader in non-volatile memory storage solutions in Space, to extend our advanced NVMe solution beyond earth,” said Sean Lundy, VP of Business Development at Eideticom. “By combining the efficiency benefits and terrestrial heritage of our NoLoad® Computational Storage Platform with Avalanche’s flagship Gen 3 Space Grade offering with its virtually infinite endurance, radiation resilience and compelling densities, we can offer innovative standards based NVMe solutions to support increasing demand from the defense and commercial space communities.