Battery manufacturer Leoch and Fuzhou University signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement

Mr. Dong Li, Chairman of the Board and Mr. Song Jixuan, Director of The Corporate Development Department of Leoch, Mr. Guo Yi, Deputy Director of the Science and Technology Development Department of Fuzhou University, Mr. Zhang Jiujun, Dean of the Materials Science and Engineering College, Mr. Yuan Pei, Executive Dean of Materials Science and Engineering College, and Mr. Zhang Zhizhong, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee of Materials Science and Engineering College attended the signing meeting.

During the meeting, both sides presented their advantages and conducted in-depth exchanges about cooperative fields. Director Guo Yi stated that the Materials Science and Engineering College, with rich professional talents and technical support, especially in solid-state batteries, is relatively competitive at Fuzhou University, which is in line with the development of Leoch’s new energy batteries. It is hoped that both sides can achieve deep cooperation in talent training and scientific research.

Chairman Dong Li, said that Fuzhou University is a very excellent university with energetic teachers and students. Nowadays, development is more emphasized on high-quality and efficiency. Process control, scientific research technology, and collaboration are very important. He is looking forward to deepening cooperation with the Materials Science and Engineering College of Fuzhou University to better apply science and technology to business and achieve win-win results.

During the onsite exchange, Chairman Dong Li gave a speech on three life phases: “parental raising, self-raising, and raising people” to students. He hoped that students could transition from the stage of parental raising to the stage of self-raising as soon as possible, train their mature minds, improve their practical skills, and prepare for IQ, EQ, and ability to grasp important development opportunities in life and realize their ideals in life.

After the meeting, Chairman Dong Li and other participants visited Minjiang University and the Materials Science and Engineering College laboratory.

Fuzhou University is one of the first-class universities and disciplines of the world and one of the 211 projects in China. It has been selected for several projects such as The National Construction of High-level University Public Graduate Project and the first batch of “Excellent Engineer Education and Training Plan”. The Materials Science and Engineering Collage is relatively competitive at Fuzhou University with strong and professional faculty, provincial key disciplines, discipline doctoral and master programs, as well as high-quality professional teachers and students including Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. Fuzhou University is an important cooperative partner for Leoch to achieve integration of industry, university, and research.