BMW chooses Cerence AI and voice innovations for its new digital cabin experience, available first in the BMW 7 Series and BMW i7 in Fall 2022

 Cerence, AI for a world in motion, announced that BMW has selected Cerence to create a new voice and AI-powered virtual assistant in the latest version of the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant. These new capabilities are expected to be available first in the all-new BMW 7 Series and BMW i7 models.

BMW’s Intelligent Personal Assistant is an incredible example of just how important AI and voice can be for the driving experience – natural, intuitive, effortless,” said Stefan Ortmanns, CEO, Cerence. “We are delighted to partner with BMW Group again on a cutting-edge virtual assistant that even further expands its longstanding track record of defining a unique and exhilarating experience for anyone behind the wheel of a BMW.

Designed with drivers’ needs in mind, BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant serves as the central operating channel of the human-machine interface and is central to BMW’s in-cabin experience. In the latest generation of BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant, Cerence delivers enhanced natural language understanding that makes it easier than ever for BMW drivers and passengers to operate various in-car functions and complete tasks by using their voice. For example, drivers can say “I want to see the sky” to open the sunroof or “Find a high power charge.” Extending the 7 Series’ in-car assistant capabilities, Cerence’s industry technologies also now enable BMW drivers to activate Apple’s Siri using only their voice – without pressing the push-to-talk button – creating a more streamlined experience for drivers using CarPlay.

Further adding to the experience is a new feature that enables BMW drivers to get the most out of BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant. As drivers use the system and it gains knowledge about their preferences, BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant can now serve spoken prompts about specific functions that drivers may want to know about, maximizing their safety, productivity and comfort on the road. BMW drivers in China will also benefit from increased functionality as BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant now offers voice-powered control of key WeChat features like sending a message or making a voice call.

The latest version of BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant also features enhanced audio AI capabilities powered by Cerence, including rear-passenger speech signal enhancement and passenger interference cancelation. Integrated with the 7 Series four-microphone array, these new capabilities enable all occupants to have a personalized experience in which they can speak directly to BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant to meet their needs.