Bolb’s 295nm UV-B LEDs cross the 10% WPE threshold to the benefit of people, animals, and horticulture

UV-B light, specifically targeted to 295nm, plays an essential role in human, animal, and plant health. Now, thanks to advances from Bolb, UV-B LED wall plug efficiency has surpassed 10%. At this level of performance, UV-B application efficiency is far better than what can be achieved with mercury lamps. Bolb’s LEDs offer additional advantages such as purer spectrum, much longer lifetime in frequent use, simpler digital programming, and control, and they contain no toxic and environmentally harmful mercury.

Humans and animals naturally produce vitamin D (VD) with exposure to the sun. However, modern lifestyles and where one
lives or where animals are kept can limit sun exposure and lead to epidemic levels of VD deficiency. This deficiency cannot be simply resolved by taking oral supplements. The rationale and benefits of using UV-B LED light therapy for VD production is well documented. And similar to LEDs in illumination, there is an efficiency tipping point at which the many benefits of UV-B LED technology make it the smart business choice and the right choice for environmental sustainability.

The use of UV-B light also supports advances in horticulture, specifically to influence plant growth, development, and overall
plant health. For example, UV-B light can trigger production of secondary metabolites such as flavonoids, phenolics, and
antioxidants, that enhance the crop’s defenses against various environmental stresses, including pests and diseases. In cannabis cultivation, UV-B light has been shown to increase the production of THC and other cannabinoids. And for new seedlings, UV-B light can be used to stimulate the elongation of stems and enhance leaf expansion, resulting in taller and more robust seedlings.

With Bolb’s advances, the environmental benefits of UV-B LEDs over mercury lamps becomes compelling. Better application efficiency directly leads to energy savings and lower costs and, depending on the energy source, reduced CO2 emissions. Further, adoption of UV-B LEDs supports the global objectives of the Minamata Convention, an international treaty intended to protect human health and the environment from mercury and mercury compounds

Bolb is a global leader in high-output, high-efficiency ultraviolet (UV) light emitting diodes (LEDs). Contact Bolb to learn more about our UV-B LEDs and their efficiency or about the application of UV-B light for the benefit of humans, animals, agriculture, and the environment.