Buses with CATL BC3 battery packs – CATL provides green power for the 31st FISU summer world university games

“The galloping panda, the fast-moving facial makeup and the vigorous dolphin constitute a beautiful dynamic curve.” 

With its BC3 batteries inside 730 buses and another 100 supplemental vehicles, CATL is powering the 31st International University Sports Federation (FISU) Summer World University Games. Following the Beijing Winter Olympics and Qatar World Cup, CATL continues to provides energy for a major international sports event.

As the “heart” of the vehicles, how does the BC3 battery work? How does CATL ensure the health, safety and continuous beating of those “hearts”? Let’s reveal the secret together! 

High energy density and strong adaptability 

There are 730 buses provided specifically for the event and more than 100 vehicles supplied as a supplement, including BEVs from Shudu Bus (Panda Modeling), Zhongzhi Zero Emissions Vehicle (ZEV), and Yinlong (Facial Makeup modeling and Dolphin modeling). All these buses are equipped with CATL BC3 battery packs, which features high energy density, light weight, long service life and flexible configuration, and can adapt to extreme weathers and harsh environments such as extreme cold, high temperature and high altitude. By far, more than 2 million BC3 battery packs have been delivered to customers in 55 countries and regions worldwide. With a long experience in the sector, BC3 battery packs will undoubtedly become the representative of China’s high-quality EV batteries, providing green travel for the Games.

In addition to providing battery products, CATL also sends out a number of technicians to provide onsite support. CATL supports the FISU Summer World University Games to deliver a high-quality and low-carbon event with its product performance and service capabilities. 

All-scenario solutions for energy transition 

CATL has been deeply involved in electrification for commercial applications since 2011. In addition to BC3 battery packs, it has also released more advanced battery technologies and products such as MTV and BC5, covering commercial vehicles for road passenger transport, heavy-duty transport, urban delivery and road cleaning. With five major advantages, CATL continues to lead the technological innovation of the global EV battery industry and the electrification in various industries: 

• Longer service life, better long-term performance and higher economic benefits 

• Five layers of protection for safe electricity use: design, testing, materials, production process, processing flow 

• High performance under extreme environments such as high temperature and extreme cold 

• Interlocking intelligent management system – safe, efficient and reliable 

• Fast response standard and global after-sales network, exceeding your expectations with service

In the future, under the guidance of the national carbon peaking and carbon neutrality strategy, CATL is committed to exerting its strength in the field of road transportation, accelerating the electrification of vehicles and the trend of sustainable driving.