BYD delivers electric bus chassis to transform green transportation in Nuevo León, Mexico

Recently, in Monterrey, the capital of the state of Nuevo León, BYD Mexico, in collaboration with the international energy company Enel X, has delivered the first all-electric high-floor bus chassis to Metrorrey, Monterrey’s public transportation system. BYD will partner with the local bus manufacturer Marcopolo to assemble these buses, and they’re set to hit the road for official service in January 2024.The city’s public transportation routes will soon be served by a fleet of 21 all-electric, 12-meter high-floor buses.

These electric buses are equipped with BYD’s most advanced technologies, including the blade battery. Notably, this bus features the latest high-end chassis, boasting an excellent intelligent suspension system and braking system that enhance safety and stability. What’s more, its zero emissions reduce noise pollution and improve energy efficiency, contributing to a cleaner environment in Mexico and enhancing the quality of environmentally friendly public transportation.

Speaking at the delivery ceremony, Samuel García, Governor of Nuevo León, stated, “We are delighted to collaborate with BYD, a pivotal partner in our journey towards developing electric public buses and establishing Nuevo León as a global hub for electric mobility. During our previous fact-finding mission in Asia, we discovered that BYD ranks as the world’s top seller of electric cars and trucks. The advanced electric bus technology introduced by BYD this time will propel the electrification efforts in our state.”

“We are pleased that the authorities of the State of Nuevo León and our strategic partners, Enel X and Marcopolo, have come together to introduce our state-of-the-art electric buses in Monterrey, contributing to the advancement of green public transportation in the city. We believe that this electric bus project will serve as a model for the development of sustainable public transportation in the region and other cities. As a global leader in new energy vehicles, BYD will continue to collaborate with our customers to implement innovative energy solutions and uphold our commitment to sustainable development and the reduction of carbon emissions,” said Zou Zhou, Country Manager of BYD Mexico.