Cambridge Mechatronics introduces fully integrated OIS+AF SMA actuator, enabling premium camera performance

Introducing the next innovative product design from Cambridge Mechatronics (CML) with the exciting introduction of our new 8-wire Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) actuator, proving both autofocus (AF) and optical image stabilisation (OIS) with a single actuator.

We are pleased to announce our new lens shift 8-wire actuator, CML’s first actuator which is capable of integrated closed-loop AF+OIS. The product is already in mass production and has been adopted in both the HUAWEI MATE 50 PRO AND PORSCHE DESIGN MATE RS, ranking number one globally for camera performance as listed by DXO MARK. This follows the earlier successes of CML’s 4-wire OIS technologies, Lens Shift and Sensor shift, which have shipped > 50million units in over 10 different  brands.

By placing SMA wires in a three-dimensional configuration around the lens, the single actuator can perform both OIS and AF functions simultaneously. Driven by CML’s CM824 CONTROLLER IC, which is capable of operating any CML actuator, and supported by CML’s proprietary control algorithm firmware, the 8 SMA wires suspend the lens carrier whilst precisely controlling motion across 6 degrees of freedom.

Compared to traditional Voice Coil Motor (VCM) products on the market, CML’s 8-wire AF+OIS offers significant benefits to its customers, including:

  1. Single actuator solution, instead of separate AF and OIS actuators
  2. 13% smaller XYZ footprint – low camera z-height to support slim devices including folding phones
  3. 37% fewer components and assembly steps
  4. Potential to remove costly active alignment in production through lens tilt motion
  5. Platform benefits from SMA: No Halls sensors, no magnetic interference, no audible noise from rattling ball bearings and high force capable of supporting large diameter hybrid lens groups and variable apertures

8-wire AF+OIS is designed to bring premium camera performance to mid-high range handsets from proven and experienced supply chains. CML’s patented SMA actuator technology is proven to be reliable, routinely achieving top camera quality scores from independent testing. The 1/1.56”1/1.43” and 1/1.3” image sensor format compatible actuators and camera modules are available for immediate design-in adoption.

CML is already supporting the development of next-generation of 8-wire actuator designs, focusing on further performance enhancements and cost reductions to further differentiate the product from VCM.