Cao Cao travel and Geely Automobile innovation research institute jointly build an open Robotaxi travel platform

Cao Cao Travel and the Intelligent Driving Center of Geely Automobile Innovation Research Institute launched the cooperation on the Robotaxi project. The goal is to focus on the Robotaxi platform operation and data service business, and jointly build China’s first open commercial intelligent driving travel platform.

Chu Yao, head of the future travel business department of Cao Cao Travel, introduced that the two parties will cooperate to create an open intelligent driving operation platform, which will focus on an open operation service ecosystem, obtain commercial operation licenses through government support, and rely on Cao Cao Travel to accumulate experience in shared travel. It plans to open the platform to various travel companies or autonomous driving companies across the country, and gradually establish a Cao Cao Robotaxi operation network across the country, so that the technology can truly benefit national travel.

Hu Jinlong, deputy director of the Intelligent Driving Center of Geely Automobile Research Institute, said that the Intelligent Driving Center will provide Cao Cao with integrated solutions in terms of system software development and underlying platform construction. Cao Cao Travel takes advantage of its massive mileage data to feed back data to the intelligent driving center, forming a closed data loop and accelerating intelligent driving technology and algorithm iteration.

Caocao Mobility mainly promotes the research and development of autonomous driving technology of Geely Research Institute based on operational scenarios. We can also provide integrated front, middle and back-end operation services for industry-related autonomous driving companies. More partners are welcome to choose the Cao Cao platform for road running tests and Commercial operation attempts will jointly empower future city-level smart transportation construction. Cao Cao Travel is also striving to become the first Robotaxi travel platform in China to carry out L4-level commercial operations nationwide.” Chu Yao said.

Cao Cao Travel is a strategic investment business of Geely Holding Group’s layout of “new energy vehicle sharing ecology”, and it is also a key deployment of Geely’s transformation from “automotive manufacturer” to “mobile travel service provider”. After 7 years of operation, Cao Cao Travel has become the travel platform in China, with 120 million users in 62 cities across the country. Its value as a traffic portal and data precipitation platform for Geely’s transformation has begun to emerge.

At the same time, Geely’s research and development of intelligent driving technology is also advancing rapidly. At the beginning of last year, Geely Automobile Group and Suzhou Xiangcheng District reached a strategic cooperation on the intelligent driving project, and the Geely Automobile Intelligent Driving Global R&D Center project was settled in Suzhou High-speed Railway New City. On October 31 last year, Gan Jiayue, CEO of Geely Automobile Group, released the “Smart Geely 2025” strategy at the Hangzhou Bay Research Institute, aiming to realize the commercialization of L4-level autonomous driving by 2025.

Hu Jinlong, deputy director of the Intelligent Driving Center of Geely Automobile Research Institute, said: “The Geely Automobile Intelligent Driving Center aims to accelerate the realization of intelligent travel with ‘zero accidents and zero casualties’ as its vision. An intelligent driving mode of “extreme safety and ultimate experience“.” It can be said that Geely’s transformation into a future “mobile travel service provider” has already taken shape with a layout that combines both platform and technology.