CATL and BMW Group reach a framework agreement on cylindrical battery supply

CATL and BMW Group announced that they have reached a long-term agreement. Starting from 2025 , CATL will supply cylindrical batteries for pure electric models of BMW Group’s “new generation” model architecture.

Under the agreement, CATL will supply BMW with new cylindrical batteries with a standard diameter of 46 mm. These products will be produced at two battery factories in China and Europe, each with an annual capacity of up to 20GWh for BMW .

Driven by the new cylindrical battery of CATL, BMW’s sixth-generation eDrive electric drive technology, which is mounted on the BMW Group’s “new generation” model architecture, is a major leap in electric vehicle technology in terms of energy density, charging speed and cruising range. .

Based on the common vision of both parties to build a sustainable and circular battery value chain, CATL will prioritize the use of renewable energy power and reused materials to produce high-performance batteries. Meanwhile, raw materials such as cobalt and lithium used to produce the new generation of batteries are sourced only from certified mines.

The combination of BMW Group’s “new generation” model architecture and CATL’s low-carbon and high-performance batteries will help both parties maintain a position in the transformation of transportation electrification in Europe and around the world, and also set a new milestone for the special partnership between the two parties. Contribute to a green future together.