Cellenion introduces customized solutions for single cell omics applications with the cellenCHIP 384

SCIENION and Cellenion announced the launch of the cellenCHIP 384 for single cell omics sample preparation, introducing it as the integral consumable in the new cellenCHIP 384 – 3’RNA-seq Kit for scalable, nanoliter volume library preparation of single cells. The cellenCHIP 384, with its nanowell format, accessory range and options for customization, further extends the automated capabilities of the cellenONE for miniaturization and high throughput workflows. Single cell omics lead to life-changing advances in precision medicine and the technologies greatly enhance analyte profiling possibilities in fields such as oncology.

In combination with cellenONE®, Cellenion’s flagship platform for single cell isolation and nanoliter dispensing, the cellenCHIP 384 provides a step change to improve miniaturized omics protocols for high throughput, sensitivity and costs per single cell and allow high resolution cell imaging.

The cellenCHIP 384 and 3’RNA-seq Kit are fully supported by the launch of the associated cellenCHIP 384 Accessory Kit which provides operators with ease of use for chip handling, precise single cell isolation by the cellenONE, and permits complete sample recovery and pooling by simple centrifugation. Scalability is impressive with the potential to isolate up to 3072 single cells per run, whilst the move from microtiter plates to nanoliter wells enables dramatic volume reductions with no loss of sensitivity.

The launch of our cellenCHIP platform is an important step as it expands our portfolio for single cell analytics,” said Holger Eickhoff, CEO at SCIENION. “We continue to see the need for a small liquid volume single cell analytics platform around the world, and our novel technology will enable single cell analysis labs to run genomics applications with the cellenCHIP and existing infrastructure. Combining cell imaging with single cell sequencing data, it is also an exciting and versatile technology with many additional future applications.”

“We are thrilled to bring to the market this new consumable that has long been awaited by our cellenONE customers,” said Guilhem Tourniaire, Managing Director at Cellenion. “Allowing both cell imaging capability and nanoliter volume sample preparation, the cellenCHIP 384 will enable the development of novel miniaturized omics protocols. When combined with the cellenONE’s versatility, it will provide a perfect platform for analyses of a range of samples including the more challenging rare cell samples, which, up to now, could not be processed efficiently by other competing technologies.”