Changan Automobile and Tencent announced that they will strengthen cooperation in cloud, map, overseas ecology and other fields!

Changan Automobile and Tencent signed a deepening strategic cooperation agreement in Chongqing. Based on the previous cooperation, the two parties will strengthen cooperation in multiple fields such as smart cockpit, navigation and map, autonomous driving, overseas ecology, and enterprise digital transformation , jointly promote higher-quality digital transformation, and help Changan Automobile expand overseas markets.

Wang Jun, President of Changan Automobile, Zhang Xiaoyu, Vice President of Changan Automobile, Tang Daosheng, Senior Executive Vice President of Tencent , CEO of Cloud and Smart Industry Business Group, Zhong Xiangping, Vice President of Tencent and President of Tencent Smart Transportation and Mobility, attended the signing ceremony.

Since Changan Automobile and Tencent reached a strategic cooperation in 2017, they have made significant progress in cross-border cooperation. The two parties signed a deepening strategic cooperation agreement this time, which will further enrich the dimension and depth of cooperation, jointly create smart car products, promote the digital transformation of enterprises, and carry out joint research in the fields of artificial intelligence, 5G, edge computing and other forward-looking technologies. Promote the application and promotion of industrialization, and help Changan Automobile accelerate its transformation into an intelligent and low-carbon travel technology company.

Strengthen cooperation in multiple fields

In terms of smart cockpits, the two parties will continue to use the joint venture company “Wutong Auto Union” as a bridge to create software and hardware integrated cockpit products that are closer to market demand, and jointly build a full-scenario user experience. The two parties will jointly promote the landing of Tencent’s new products and services in Chang’an Automobile, such as map-based city-level digital twin experience, large-scale model-based smart cockpit products, scene engine-based AI digital human, etc., and explore cockpit services and mobile terminals. The commercialization path of ecological linkage. It is reported that the cooperation products between the two parties have been installed on more than 1.1 million Changan vehicles.

In terms of navigation and maps, the two parties will promote the next generation of vehicle intelligent navigation products for people-vehicle co-driving scenarios to create an innovative navigation driving experience.

In terms of autonomous driving, the two parties will jointly explore feasible cooperation points in the construction of autonomous driving research and development tool chains and cloud platforms, with a view to helping Changan’s rapid implementation of autonomous driving research and development.

In terms of overseas ecology, Tencent will actively provide superior resource support for Changan Automobile’s global business layout, give full play to the advantages of Tencent Cloud and global ecological resources, help Changan Automobile’s business to better develop overseas markets, and jointly explore new overseas growth space.

In terms of enterprise digital transformation, the two parties will promote the transformation and upgrading of Changan Automobile in multiple fields such as digital marketing, corporate collaborative office, smart park and smart factory.

In the future, the two parties will take the opportunity of deepening strategic cooperation to carry out more extensive and in-depth frontier exploration, create a cross-border benchmark of “digital-real integration”, and jointly contribute to the development of China’s auto industry.