Cipia and Ambarella collaborate on in-cabin sensing solution using single, wide field of view camera

Cipia (TASE: CPIA), an AI computer vision in-cabin automotive solutions provider, announced a new solution from its continuing collaboration with Ambarella, an edge AI semiconductor company. This latest combined solution offers automotive manufacturers higher flexibility regarding the location of in-cabin sensing systems, including the rear-view mirror, as well as the ability to use a single camera.

Cipia adapts its driver and occupant monitoring system (DMS and OMS) AI software to support a wide-field-of-view (WFOV) camera, making it possible to monitor the entire in-cabin environment from a single camera. These in-cabin sensing algorithms are optimized to run on Ambarella’s CVflow® AI systems-on-chip (SoCs), which provide performance per watt. That high efficiency enables Cipia’s advanced DMS and OMS computer vision algorithms to run in real time without compromising image quality or AI performance. This flexible solution also has the processing capacity to support additional features in the future, via over the air (OTA) updates or other means.

For this in-cabin solution, Cipia chose Ambarella’s CV2 SoC family, which provides high-quality processing of the video stream from a WFOV, 5MP RGB-IR sensor. This sensor can function in all lighting conditions, running Cipia’s in-cabin sensing solution, as well as video conferencing and remote cabin monitoring. Likewise, its combination of efficient form factor, low power consumption and reduced thermal management requirements, enables this solution to be seamlessly integrated into a wide variety of locations within the vehicle, including rear-view mirrors and overhead consoles.

Fermi Wang, president and CEO of Ambarella, said, “The efficiency and performance of our CVflow AI SoC architecture, combined with Cipia’s optimized DMS and OMS algorithms for WFOV cameras, provides automakers with a compelling option to add single-camera, all vehicle in-cabin monitoring within thermally constrained locations. This is yet another example of how our longstanding collaboration with Cipia is accelerating innovation in the automotive market.”

Yehuda Holtzman, CEO of Cipia, said, “We are proud to expand our collaboration with Ambarella, addressing together the in-cabin computer vision needs of automotive manufacturers, by facilitating easy and seamless integration into spaces such as the rear-view mirror that require a small form factor and high thermal efficiency.”