Cost & efficiency in the automotive industry

Explore an in-depth interview with Yu Yang, Principal Analyst on Automotive Semiconductors at Yole Group, as he shares his expert insights into the global electric vehicle (EV) market.

High-voltage main day two: Thursday 24th, October 2024

Yu Yang, Principal Analyst on Automotive Semiconductor at Yole Group
Understand the Chinese vehicle manufacturer’s point of view on vehicle power supply & scrutinise if European companies should adopt their approach…

This interview delves into the strategies that have propelled Chinese OEMs to the forefront of the EV industry, providing valuable lessons for their European counterparts.

In this interview, Yu Yang discusses the following key topics:

  • Key Presentation Points: An overview of the major themes in the Chinese vehicle manufacturers’ approach to vehicle power supply, including their rapid development and leadership in electrification.
  • Cost Reduction Strategies: How Chinese OEMs achieve significant cost reductions in EV production through economies of scale and vertical integration, contrasting these approaches with those of European OEMs.
  • Vehicle Segmentation and Battery Supply Chains: The impact of vehicle segmentation and the availability of cost-competitive battery supply chains on the efficiency and adoption of EVs in China and Europe. Lessons for European OEMs on maintaining cost efficiency without compromising reliability.
  • Global Market Impact: The influence of Chinese OEMs’ cost advantages on the global automotive market, particularly in Europe, and the resulting shifts in market share.
  • Emerging Technologies: Innovations in power supply systems that could help European OEMs stay competitive, focusing on maintaining efficiency and reliability.