DJI car equipment, as a subsidiary of the drone company, is marching into the AV market.

Shanghai Auto Show, DJI Car Equipment, a subsidiary of DJI, participated in the show for the first time. Zhenhua Luo, President of DJI Car Equipment, said that several mass-produced models equipped with DJI intelligent driving solutions are set to be launched in 2021. At the show site, DJI Car Equipment exhibited the applications of DJI’s intelligent driving system by bringing a transparent car to the show. Besides, the company also specially set up a self-developed intelligent driving simulation simulator, which shows the accumulation of technology and innovation by DJI Car Equipment.

DJI Car Equipment’s team started in 2016 with the goal of helping car companies build smart cars that are “easy to use and affordable”. In 2018, DJI Car Equipment won the first batch of test licenses of intelligent networked vehicles in Shenzhen, and officially launched the brand of DJI Car Equipment the following year. In December 2019, the company established the first vehicle intelligent parts center to transform technical innovation into products. In the past five years, DJI Car Equipment has tested its intelligent driving system in various road scenarios for China’s road environment. DJI Car Equipment has built cooperations with several vehicle companies such as Volkswagen and SAIC-GM. It’s a company to watch in the field of onboard equipment.