Eyal Levi appointed CEO of Bright Way Vision

Eyal Levi has been appointed CEO of Bright Way Vision, developers of the world’s first automotive GatedVision camera system for night and all-weather vision. After 11 years of managing central company activities, such as development, product, and global business development, the new appointment will enable Levi to orchestrate large transactions currently in advanced trial stages with a number of automotive OEMs and tier-one companies, with the goal of completing a design win already in this year.

Dr. Ofer David, who previously served as CEO, has been promoted to Chairman of the Board while also serving as the company’s CTO. Dr. David is one of the experts in the field of computer vision systems for automotive applications. Dr. David will be responsible for developing the new generation of night and all-weather cameras. Together with Bright Way Vision’s customers, including vehicle companies, Dr. David will lead the development of the new camera, which will replace long-range LiDAR sensors for the AV industry, from private vehicles to trucks.

“We are going through a fascinating time in which the demand for night-vision systems is at an all-time high,” says Eyal Levi. “Vehicle OEMs have woken up to the need for safe driving through continuous vision in all lighting and weather conditions. We have worked for years to be ready for the market with the only product to provide the perfect automotive-grade solution.”