Eyeris and indie Semiconductor Collaborate

Eyeris Technologies, announced its collaboration with indie Semiconductor an Autotech solutions innovator, on the integration of Eyeris’ advanced monocular 3D sensing AI software with indie’s intelligent vision processor system-on-chip (SoC) using 2D image sensors.

The integrated solution enables automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and Tier-1 manufacturers to bring to market a new generation of depth-aware in-cabin monitoring solutions, with a dedicated intelligent vision processor that includes a safety domain controller to further enhance vehicle interior safety, comfort and overall in-cabin experience.

Eyeris proprietary technology accurately generates in-cabin depth information for key regions of interest (ROIs), such as occupants’ face, body, hands and objects, using a single automotive-grade 2D image sensor, like the latest RGB-IR sensors. Eyeris achieves this through a rigorous collection of naturalistic in-cabin 3D data used to train compute-efficient depth inference models that run on AI-enabled processors. This enables enhanced depth-aware understanding of the location, size, and position of occupants and other objects to customize – for example – the airbag deployment accordingly and reduce the risk of occupants’ injury when deployed.

“The Eyeris software and the indie vision processor combine to satisfy the increasing requirements by OEMs for in-cabin 3D features using a single 2D image sensor,” said Modar Alaoui, Founder and CEO at Eyeris. “Through this collaboration with indie’s dedicated vision processor, adding this depth-aware third dimension enables Tier 1 and vehicle manufacturers to now create safer airbags and improve on the design of various vehicle restraint systems that enhance the safety and comfort of all occupants.”

“indie’s intelligent vision processor SoC offers high-performance and ultra-low power, low latency embedded vision processing and small form factor. This performance capability enables Eyeris to provide a richer suite of in-cabin monocular 3D safety software for OEM and Tier-1 customers that was not previously possible,” said Abhay Rai, EVP and GM of the Vision Business Unit at indie Semiconductor. “Our vision processor provides a unique dedicated safety domain controller and powerful CPU, facilitating in-cabin and exterior safety functionality within a single platform.”