Fairchild launches superFET III MOSFET family with Best-in-Class efficiency and reliability

Better efficiency, EMI and ruggedness make SuperFET III MOSFETs ideal for high performance products with demanding robustness and reliability requirements. Fairchild Semiconductor, now part of ON Semiconductor, introduced its SuperFET III family of 650V N-channel MOSFETs, the company’s new generation of MOSFETs that meet the higher power density, system efficiency and exceptional reliability requirements of the latest telecom, server, electric vehicle (EV) charger and solar products.

The SuperFET III MOSFET family combines best-in-class reliability, low EMI, excellent efficiency and superior thermal performance to make it an ideal choice for high performance applications. Complementing its performance characteristics, its broad range of package options gives product designers greater flexibility, particularly with size constrained designs.

Regardless of their industry, our customers are seeking dramatic improvements in efficiency, performance and reliability with each new product generation and are also striving to get their new products to market faster. In addition to designing our new SuperFET III MOSFETs to help customers meet their key product goals, we ensured the devices would also help reduce BOM costs, shrink board space and simplify the product design,” said Jin Zhao, Vice President and General Manager of Fairchild’s High Power Industrial division.

SuperFET III technology has the lowest Rdson in any easy drive version of a Super Junction MOSFET, delivering best-in-class efficiency. It achieves this thanks to advanced charge balancing technology which also enables 44 percent lower Rdson than its SuperFET II predecessors, in the same package size.

A key factor in the SuperFET III family’s exceptional ruggedness and reliability is its best-in-class body diode and three times better single pulse Avalanche Energy (EAS) performance than its closest competitor.

Fairchild SuperFet Yole

The lower peak drain-source voltage during turn off of the 650V SuperFET III improves system reliability in low temperature operation because the breakdown voltage naturally drops by 5 percent at -25? junction temperature than room temperature and the peak drain-source voltage becomes higher at low temperature.

These reliability advantages are particularly important for industrial applications such as solar inverters, Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS) and EV chargers which must be capable of enduring higher or lower external ambient temperatures. The SuperFET III MOSFET family is available in multiple package and parametric options:

Device Number RDS(on) (max) (mΩ)  @ VGS=10V Qg (Typ) (nC)  @ VGS=10V Package
FCH023N65S3L4 23 222 TO-247 4L
FCH023N65S3 23 222 TO-247 3L
FCH067N65S3 67 78 TO-247 3L
FCP067N65S3 67 78 TO-220 3L
FCPF067N65S3 67 78 TO-220F 3L
FCB070N65S3 70 78 TO-263 2L      (D2-PAK)