Fast, manual handling of centration measurement and alignment tasks

TRIOPTICS introduces the OptiCentric® Compact for manual centration testing and lens alignment. It features fast and simple work processes as well as TRIOPTICS’ well-established high measurement precision of 0.1 µm for lens centering

The OptiCentric® product line from TRIOPTICS has been highly regarded for decades for its precise centration testing and alignment systems for single lenses all the way through to complex optical systems. The company is particularly specialized in systems with a high degree of automation that allow intuitive, operator-independent measurements. However, for testing and measuring single lenses and simple alignment processes, a completely manual testing system offers a cost-efficient alternative. Moreover, manual processes in such applications are sometimes shorter than the setup time needed for an automated system. With its OptiCentric® Compact model, TRIOPTICS thus now enables quick and simple measurement and alignment of lenses in a manual testing process.

The software required for the autocollimator-based product is characterized by its high user-friendliness and has been optimized for the manual process, meaning that only a few settings are required to activate the measurement. Division Manager Dr. Patrik Langehanenberg explains the changes in the measurement process: “The position detection of the measuring head and the rotation bearing is integrated in the software. This ensures that the operator can easily find the correct focus setting manually. The measurement process is then started. The test sample can be rotated manually as needed on an air bearing or using the motorized lens rotation device. The measurement technology used in the compact version is the same one used in the OptiCentric® 101, and therefore the OptiCentric® Compact also features a measurement precision of 0.1 µm.”

With its ISO 5 cleanroom capability, this new system is also perfect for cementing lenses or bonding lenses in cells. The compact system with integrated PC allows set up and use in even small, tight spaces. “Manual operation also reduces the need to train users. Last but not least, the OptiCentric® Compact also offers economic advantages. It is thus the ideal addition to our product portfolio, providing customers with the optimal system for all applications,” says Langehanenberg.

The next presentation of the OptiCentric® product line, including the OptiCentric® Compact, will be at the trade fair Laser World of Photonics in Munich, Germany, from June 27 to 30, 2023.