Fingerprints signs agreement with tier 1 automotive supplier to develop IRIS recognition technology for use in driver monitoring systems (DMS)

Fingerprints announced that the company has signed an agreement with a tier 1 automotive supplier, with the objective of further developing Fingerprints’ iris recognition technology so that it can be seamlessly integrated into Driver Monitoring Systems. The scope of the agreement is to implement Fingerprints’ iris authentication software in an existing DMS, and to promote it to automotive OEMs as an add-on feature. Our partner will pay a non-recurring engineering (NRE) fee for the development phase of the project.

Forthcoming legal requirements for Driver Monitoring (DMS), using infrared cameras to detect the status of the driver create a strong case for integrating iris recognition technology in cars. The same infrared camera that is used in the DMS can be used to illuminate the eye with infrared light to take a picture of the iris and use Fingerprints’ authentication software without adding any additional hardware. We see an increasing interest from automotive companies in the benefits of biometrics, for example in authenticating in-car payment system transactions and enabling other advanced features, such as driver personalization and preventing the vehicle from starting unless the driver has been successfully authenticated.

“Over the past year, our technical team has managed to implement significant improvements to our iris authentication asset, both in terms of performance and convenience. This means that our system now performs well even with low-resolution infrared cameras in noisy environments, and with a significantly larger field of view than before. I am thrilled about the opportunities in the automotive space, as we anticipate a significant deployment of affordable infrared cameras in cars, driven by legal requirements,” commented Thomas Rex, Executive Vice President New Business.