‘Foldable display ready for commercialization’: LGD CTO

[ET NEWS] “LG Display’s own foldable display technology is mature enough for commercialization, and it is now up to device makers to adopt the tech and grow the market in earnest,” said CTO Kang In-byeong at the SID Display Week 2019.

Speaking at one of the world’s largest display conferences May 14-17 in San Jose, California, he noted that the foldable technology seems to be ready if a 13.3-inch inward-folding display demonstrated during the conference is any barometer. 

Partnering with LGD, Chinese PC maker Lenovo introduced a foldable laptop at the event. When folded, the laptop display works as a virtual keyboard while the other serves as a screen. The foldable laptop is scheduled to hit the market in 2020.

Foldable smartphones require more advanced technical capabilities than foldable laptops or tablet PCs,” he said. “Despite technical challenges, the foldable device market can go mainstream depending on device makers.”

The Korean tech giant showcased its technical prowess, including a 0.66-inch augmented reality panel with a pixel density of 3,500 pixels per inch, at the conference.

It aims to cement its in the market for large OLED displays, and is expected to roll out transparent panels this year which will be will be based on what is called a top-emission design — that helps improve the longevity and efficiency of panels.

The top-emission design is considered more efficient than a bottom-emission design as it has fewer films between the OLEDs and the top screen layer.

The bottom-emission design, traditionally used in LGD’s OLED products, has long been a challenge for, hindering the rollout of 8K OLED displays. 

While trying to improve production yields at its 8.5-generation OLED plants in Guangzhou, China, the Korean firm will execute the planned investment for 10.5 OLED technology, the CTO said.