Freyr battery enters strategic partnership with Hana Technology

FREYR Battery, a developer of clean, next-generation battery cell production capacity, has awarded a strategic alliance frame agreement to South Korea-based Hana Technology (“Hana Technology”). Together, the two companies will jointly develop equipment and automation solutions for FREYR’s Customer Qualification Plant (“CQP”) in Mo i Rana, Norway, as well as for FREYR’s planned Gigafactories.

Hana Technology develops precision automation solutions for battery facilities and other industrial operations. This strategic alliance frame agreement will enable FREYR and Hana Technology to customize and co-develop solutions for the CQP, including joint development projects such as quality control equipment, aging time reductions, and artificial intelligence updates to systems to reduce waste.

We selected Hana Technology due to their proven track record with major Korean battery manufacturers. We also experienced, as part of our tender process, that they have the best technical solution to meet our needs for clean battery cell production. We aim to collaborate and co-create with them, ensuring that we move with speed and scale quickly, and make strides towards our goal to become one of the most sustainable battery producers in the world,” says Tom Einar Jensen, CEO for FREYR.

Hana Technology is a pre-qualified vendor of 24M Technologies, (“24M”), the maker of the 24M SemiSolid™ production platform which enables lower-cost and more sustainable lithium-ion battery production. FREYR has licensed the 24M platform with the ambition to reduce the steps in the battery cell manufacturing process and subsequently reduce carbon emissions.

FREYR’s ambition to build sustainable and efficient battery production facilities is well aligned with our areas of expertise. By joining forces and co-creating technical solutions for their planned Gigafactories and for the FREYR CQP that is now underway, we aim to elevate the standards for clean, cost-efficient battery cell technology, moving fast together to meet the growing, global battery demand,” says Insik Lee, Managing Director, Hana Technology.

As part of the strategic alliance frame agreement, Hana Technology will specifically support on areas including pouch assembly, formation and aging, inspection, grading, packaging, as well as scrap-discharge equipment for FREYR’s Gigafactories. Hana Technology will also collaborate with FREYR to review, develop, and improve its technical documentation.

Our bold ambitions require experienced partners, such as Hana Technology. We have secured three years of their expertise and capabilities through this agreement, with the option to extend if needed. This is yet another step towards securing the capacity we need as we head towards initial production – according to our timeline,” adds Jensen.