GoodWe launches 100kW hybrid and retrofit battery inverters for C&I energy storage applications

GoodWe, a inverter manufacturer and energy storage solutions provider, has expanded its C&I energy storage solutions portfolio with two new additions: the ETC 100kW hybrid inverter and the BTC 100kW retrofit battery inverter, both of which can be coupled with GoodWe high-voltage battery system Lynx C (101kWh – 156kWh).

With a proven track record and extensive experience in the solar industry, GoodWe has been deepening its expertise in the C&I energy storage sector to meet growing demand. Building on the success of the ETC/BTC50kW series, the new ETC/BTC 100kW inverters ensure powerful backup, thereby delivering additional value to organisations with a strong reliance on uninterrupted power.

With a wide battery voltage range and a modular design, the ETC/BTC 100kW inverters provide great flexibility and easy installation, making them a popular choice for C&l customers. ETC/BTC inverters can switch to the backup mode in less than 10ms, ensuring an uninterruptible power supply for critical loads. Peak shaving is another important function supported by ETC/BTC inverters. By utilizing the energy storage system during periods of high energy demand, the inverters can help reduce peak demand charges and lower overall energy costs for customers.

The Lynx C battery is a high-capacity lithium-ion battery that can be used in conjunction with ETC/BTC inverters to provide reliable and scalable energy storage solutions for C&I applications. With a modular design, the Lynx C battery provides the required versatility to meet the needs of a wide range of C&I energy storage projects.

Each 100kW ETC Series inverter can be paired with up to 6 Lynx C batteries, allowing for a 100kW/936kWh energy storage system to meet various C&I scenarios. Meeting the needs of smaller systems, the ETC50kW inverter can be combined with three Lync C towers to form a 50kW/468kWh energy storage solution. This means that businesses can easily customize the system to meet their energy needs and maximize energy savings.

Daniel Huang, the CEO & founder of GoodWe, states, “We understand the unique energy needs of industrial and commercial customers, and we are committed to developing products that meet those needs. We look forward to working with our customers to unlock more hidden value of their businesses.”

GoodWe’s strategic C&I energy storage initiative, EcoSmart Commercial, provides a comprehensive range of inverters, batteries, BIPV solutions, and accessories, enabling seamless customization of systems tailored to specific needs. In the coming months, GoodWe will be launching additional C&I energy storage solutions to further enrich its EcoSmart Commercial lineup and offer more choices to its customers. With the launch of these solutions, GoodWe continues to strengthen its position as a provider of energy storage solutions for the solar market.