Hitachi Astemo will make organizational changes to promote a strategic business operation structure for technological innovation

Hitachi Astemo, (“Hitachi Astemo”) will make organizational changes and executive officer transfers to promote a strategic business operation structure for technological innovation, and enhance the business portfolio for sustainable growth.

Hitachi Astemo is shifting from a five-division structure—consisting of the Powertrain & Safety Systems Division, Chassis Division, Motorcycle Division, Software Division and Aftermarket Division—to a strategic business management structure with a business portfolio divided into three divisions. They consist of the Electrification Business Management Division, the Chassis & ICE1 Management Division, and the Motorcycle Division.

With ICE and chassis as the foundational core businesses, the new business management structure facilitates optimal resource allocation and speedy decision making in the growth areas of xEV2 and AD/ADAS*3, as well as in the motorcycle business. This will enable us to provide products and technologies that enhance vehicle value to our customers as quickly as possible. In addition, we will reorganize corporate functions that support our business activities, which will strengthen operational functions, further enhance governance, promote green transformation throughout the supply chain, and accelerate optimization of our footprint through regional collaboration.
*1 ICE: Internal Combustion Engine
*2 EV: Electric Vehicles
*3 AD/ADAS: Autonomous Driving / Advanced Driver Assistance System