HOOKII launches neomow X: The revolutionary robotic lawn mower with LiDAR SLAM navigation system

Orca Innovation Technology a prominent trailblazer in the realm of cutting-edge smart robotic devices, has unveiled its latest creation – the HOOKII Neomow X, a revolutionary robotic lawn mower that aims to redefine the landscape of lawn care through LiDAR SLAM precision navigation and remarkable performance.

“The Neomow X has emerged as the pinnacle of automated lawn maintenance.” According to Rocky, the CEO of Hookii, “Neomow X epitomizes our unwavering dedication to innovation and excellence. Its state-of-the-art features and user-friendly design set a new benchmark for robotic lawn mowers, delivering a superior lawn care experience sure to captivate our clientele.”

The Neomow X represents an intricate fusion of technological prowess and user convenience, providing individuals with an autonomous and efficient solution for maintaining their lawns. The salient features of Neomow X include:

  • LiDAR SLAM Precision Navigation takes on the task of lawn navigation with unparalleled precision, ensuring meticulous mowing of every square inch. The navigation system functions independently of signal interference, guaranteeing reliable performance even in challenging environmental conditions.
  • Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance utilizes a combination of LiDAR technology, advanced visual sensors, and robust physical safeguards. This enables Neomow X to adeptly maneuver around obstacles, providing a seamless mowing experience without concerns.
  • Simple Deployment and Operation alleviates the burdens of lawn maintenance by offering effortless deployment and operation. Tasks like perimeter wire installation or RTK base station setup become obsolete, streamlining the lawn care routine and saving valuable time and effort.
  • Indoor Charging Station Option gives users the flexibility to protect their device from external elements by placing it within their garage. This facilitates convenient storage and charging, ensuring the mower is always ready to tackle the lawn when needed.

Additional features of note include the potent front-wheel drive system, enabling Neomow X to navigate diverse terrains with enhanced traction and power. The integration of an adjustable electric cutting disc guarantees meticulous lawn care tailored to individual preferences, allowing users to achieve the perfect grass height. Meanwhile, Neomow X’s intelligent multi-zone management system ensures the comprehensive upkeep of lawns with varying grass lengths or specific areas necessitating more frequent mowing.

Scheduled for availability starting from August 29th through a Kickstarter campaign, the Neomow X is poised to captivate lawn enthusiasts, with prices commencing at $1,199 for Neomow X and $1,499 for Neomow X Pro.