HOPPECKE signs a Europe-wide partner agreement with CATL

Electric mobility on European roads is coming a step closer – HOPPECKE signs a Europe-wide partner agreement with CATL, the world market leader in lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles and energy storage system, for servicing CATL battery systems.

Despite the corona crisis and declining sales, car manufacturers and suppliers are sticking to their e-mobility strategies.  Not without reason: the increased purchase premium for electrically powered vehicles, which will be introduced by the German government in July, will reduce the purchase costs for e-cars. If the savings from the reduction in value-added tax are included, the next few months could mark a decisive turnaround for electric mobility on German roads. In addition, from 2021, a CO2 cap prescribed by the EU will apply to car manufacturers’ fleets. If carmakers exceed this upper limit, fines in the billions could be imposed.  Many reasons to implement e-projects at full speed.

CATL is partner and supplier of worldwide large and well-known car manufacturers. The world market leader is on course for growth and expansion in European business for plants, R&D centre, logistics systems and the development of supply chain.

From the achievement of climate protection targets to the development of a charging infrastructure and the range of vehicles, the discussion about electric mobility is complex and diverse. Regarding the battery, the focus here is on capacity and service life. After all, a substantial part of the added value of the electric car is determined by the lithium-ion storage system. But after-sales service is essential to user’s experience.  The safe handling of defective lithium batteries and work on high-voltage systems is sensitive and requires a lot of experience. What next? Who has the necessary know-how to support the workshops here, make reliable diagnoses and carry out repairs so that the vehicle can be back on the road quickly and safely? The answer is obvious: a battery expert.

On behalf of CATL, the German medium-sized company HOPPECKE is responsible for testing, repairing and replacing the lithium-ion batteries installed in the electrically powered vehicles, initially with a focus on vans and buses.

With 23 subsidiaries worldwide and more than 300 service engineers in Europe, HOPPECKE is ideally positioned for CATL in terms of its European presence and experience in battery service. The battery manufacturer with its headquarters in the Sauerland region of Germany is renowned for its decades of expertise in the servicing of industrial guide and nickel-fibre-structure batteries for industrial trucks, stationary energy storage systems and railway applications. Already 15 years ago, the family-owned company expanded its product and service portfolio to include high-voltage lithium applications and complex storage systems for industrial trucks, rail and bus systems and large-scale storage systems. For this rapidly growing and dynamic market segment, HOPPECKE also founded the company INTILION in 2019, thus combining its worldwide lithium battery activities in a powerful and agile company. 

 “We are starting out in the six European countries Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy, Poland and Hungary.  The contract with CATL is confirmation of our strategy of positioning ourselves as manufacturer-independent energy storage experts for all battery technologies and a wide range of applications.  At the same time, the partnership is an incentive to consistently develop the HOPPECKE service. When other market players abandoned the service business in recent years, we have continuously expanded our service network in Europe. We will continue our expansion strategy and significantly expand our lithium service location at INTILION in Zwickau. CATL is looking for partners who can keep up with the rapid growth and who share the same customer-oriented philosophy. With HOPPECKE, CATL has access to 90 years of experience and a worldwide network. With this cooperation, we are proud that as a medium-sized company we are making a further contribution to the turnaround in mobility“, explains Kai Köllermann, HOPPECKE Service Director. 

A win-win situation for both team

With this partnership, HOPPECKE is able to have better and more chances to expand the business of lithium-ion battery supply by having CATL as a potential strategic partner for the procurement of reliable battery solutions. Within the HOPPECKE, INTILION is the specialist for the construction and sale of lithium-ion battery systems for railway and metro applications, commercial and large-scale storage systems and industrial trucks. The HOPPECKE sister company purchases lithium-ion cells and assembles them into battery systems with intelligent battery management systems.