Horizon has obtained strategic investment from Chery Automobile, and several high-end assisted driving cooperative models will be launched within the year

Recently, Horizon officially announced that it has obtained a strategic investment from Chery Automobile and completed the delivery. The funds will be mainly used for the R&D iteration and mass production of automotive smart chips. At the same time, the two sides officially announced that on the basis of the current cooperation in the field of in-vehicle intelligent interaction, they will officially start a new cooperation in the field of high-level assisted driving. According to the plan, Chery’s new high-end intelligent electric platform, the E0X platform, will use the Journey®3 chip to build the cornerstone of computing power. The platform has planned at least five intelligent models for L2+ level and above. The first model, Chery E03, will be launched in 2023, and will realize the NOP assisted driving function in high-speed and urban areas. In addition, the ADAS mass production cooperation model built by the two parties based on the Journey 2 chip will be launched in 2022.

The strategic investment and cooperation upgrade of Chery Automobile means that Horizon’s development concept, product technology and market prospects have been recognized by another mainstream industrial capital. Based on the long-term strategic path choice, since its establishment, Horizon has obtained capital from many auto companies such as SAIC , GAC Capital, Great Wall Motor, Dongfeng Asset, BYD, FAW , as well as Intel, SK Hynix, CATL, Luxshare Precision, Strategic investment of many upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain such as Xingyu, Weir, and Sunny Optical.

As an industry leader in automotive smart chips, Horizon is based on the forward-looking technology concept of software-hardware integration and collaborative optimization. to promote the R&D and mass production application of the core technologies of smart cars. For L2~L4 full-scenario vehicle intelligent application scenarios, Horizon continues to lead innovative breakthroughs in domestic automotive smart chips with forward-looking technologies. Within three years, it has launched three mass-produced vehicle specifications: Journey 2, Journey 3 and Journey 5. grade product. As of the end of 2021, the cumulative shipment of Horizon Journey chips has exceeded 1 million, and it has signed pre-installation mass production projects for more than 70 models with 20+ car companies, becoming the first and largest pre-installation mass production in China. Automotive smart chip company.

Chery Automobile is a deep practice and innovation leader of Chinese auto brands, and continues to deepen its strategic layout in the face of the transformation of the smart car industry. On September 16, 2022, Chery Automobile officially launched the “Yaoguang 2025” forward-looking technology strategy, covering four core areas including Mars Architecture, Kunpeng Power, Lion Technology, and Galaxy Ecology. 13 core technologies, including Zhiyun platform and ecological partners, are committed to building a technological innovation chain and a new automotive ecosystem for the new era.

Horizon is a solid partner for Chery’s intelligent transformation. In 2021, the two parties will reach a comprehensive strategic cooperation. In 2022, Chery Tiggo 8 PRO, OMODA 5 and other newly launched models will be equipped with a full-scenario multi-mode interaction solution based on the Journey 3 chip to achieve industry smart cockpit functions. With the launch of the autonomous driving mass production cooperation project, more cooperative models for L2~L4 full-scenario vehicle intelligence will be launched. Among them, the E0X platform is an important layout of Chery’s “Yaoguang 2025” forward-looking technology strategy. As the core service provider of this platform, Horizon will be based on the underlying efficient open technology platform with “chip + algorithm + tool chain” as the core to help Chery accelerate Build a new smart car ecosystem. In the future, Horizon will continue to deepen strategic cooperation with Chery to help it accelerate its transformation into a global technology company.