Huawei Cloud releases ulanqab automotive zone and autonomous driving development platform to accelerate digital intelligence upgrade in the automotive industry

The HUAWEI CLOUD Intelligent Driving Innovation Summit was held in Ulanqab, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Experts from associations, auto companies, and partners will conduct in-depth discussions with HUAWEI CLOUD on the digital intelligence upgrade trend, technological development, and innovative practices of the auto industry.

At the meeting, HUAWEI CLOUD officially released the Ulanqab Auto Zone, which provides cloud infrastructure with safety compliance, full-stack independent innovation, and surging computing power for autonomous driving scenarios. At the same time, HUAWEI CLOUD released an autonomous driving development platform, which deeply combines Huawei and its partners’ years of experience in the automotive industry with new technologies such as the Pangu model to provide a more agile and efficient development platform for the entire process of autonomous driving, accelerating the amount of autonomous driving. Produce.

Shi Jilin, President of HUAWEI CLOUD Global Marketing and Sales Services, said: “In the new revolution brought about by intelligent and connected cars, Chinese cars are becoming synonymous with innovation and excellence. HUAWEI CLOUD provides industry-leading databases, big data, and artificial intelligence. Innovative technologies such as large-scale model, industrial Internet, security, etc., look forward to working with customers and partners to create new potential energy and independent innovation power of China’s auto industry. We also hope to build a stage to dance with Chinese companies, so that Chinese companies can go global The road is no longer lonely, and the journey overseas is more stable and farther.”

The Ulanqab Auto Zone was released to provide a safe and compliant cloud infrastructure

At present, the automobile industry is undergoing three major upgrades of “automotive intelligence”, “digital intelligence of automobile enterprises” and “business globalization”, which has brought broad market space and new opportunities to the entire industry. For example, the market space of autonomous driving in the field of commercial vehicles 100 billion yuan, and Chinese car companies are also entering a new stage of high-quality overseas sales. On the other hand, the digital intelligence upgrade of the automotive industry also puts forward new requirements for computing power and security compliance of cloud infrastructure.

At the meeting, HUAWEI CLOUD and a number of partners officially released the cloud infrastructure specially built for the automotive industry – Ulanqab Auto Zone. The zone adopts a 3-zone compliance structure and 7-layer security protection, and relies on the capabilities of qualified map business partners to provide full-process security compliance guarantees for autonomous driving data. Ascend AI cloud service is deployed in Ulanqab Auto Zone, which can provide surging computing power for autonomous driving development.

The “3-division” compliance architecture design includes data processing area, smart driving business area and network relay area. Among them, the data processing area is an exclusive area specially designed for map dealers. It needs to access the automatic driving road test data through a dedicated line. The partition adopts two-factor control permissions, and is jointly operated and maintained by Huawei Cloud and map dealer professionals. The smart driving business area is supervised by the map merchant, and the auto driving R&D team of the car company or algorithm company is authorized to conduct business research and development through the account. The access control of the network relay area has strict identity authentication, and the data can only be transmitted out of the zone after the approval of the map provider. In terms of security operations, the Auto Zone builds a security-in-depth defense system on the cloud through 7-layer protection. For example, the security operation platform is built through the security cloud brain, combined with Huawei Cloud’s cloud-native security services, so that 70% of threats can be closed within one minute, and 99% of threats can be closed within one minute. The threat can be closed in 5 minutes; in addition, combined with 300+ detection models and 100+ automatic disposal scripts, it realizes intelligent security operations.

In terms of certification qualifications, HUAWEI CLOUD has passed 120+ authoritative security compliance certifications in the industry, and is also the first cloud vendor in China to pass the automotive TISAX certification. HUAWEI CLOUD Security Brain integrates 16+ security and privacy compliance templates, enabling one-click compliance checks and one-click compliance reports. In addition, HUAWEI CLOUD provides customers with full-process autonomous driving compliance services through cooperation with security compliance partners such as NavInfo.

Computing power is the foundation of intelligence in the automotive industry. Huawei Cloud Wulanchabu Data Center deployed the Ascend AI cloud service with a single cluster of 2000P Flops. The long-term stability rate of large model training reached 90% within 30 days, and the breakpoint recovery time did not exceed 10 days. At the same time, the training performance can be adjusted to 1.1 times that of mainstream GPUs in the industry, promoting large-scale model technology to better serve the automotive industry, and accelerating the intelligentization of the automotive industry. In addition, HUAWEI CLOUD has built an AI-Native storage system to provide 24-hour data access to the cloud, fine storage, and efficient training services to help the automotive industry face the data surge challenges brought about by intelligence.

Gao Jianghai, President of the Public Cloud Business Department of HUAWEI CLOUD, said: “In this digital intelligence upgrade of the automotive industry, HUAWEI CLOUD will continue to work with excellent partners in the industry to create security-compliant, powerful computing power, The globally distributed automotive industry cloud infrastructure provides customers with a ‘stable’, ‘fast’, and ‘full’ cloud, supports the steady development of auto companies’ business, accelerates the implementation of automotive intelligence, and deploys global business in compliance.”

The autonomous driving development platform is released, and the whole process promotes the mass production of autonomous driving

At this conference, HUAWEI CLOUD also joined hands with industry partners to release an autonomous driving development platform, covering the entire process of intelligent driving development, simulation testing, real vehicle testing, mass production and on-boarding, and assisting car companies and autonomous driving algorithm companies to “research and develop”. Fast, fast verification, fast iteration” to accelerate the large-scale mass production of autonomous driving.

HUAWEI CLOUD recently released the Pangu Large Model 3.0, which adopts a layered decoupling design, which can be quickly adapted to meet the ever-changing needs of the industry. At present, many autonomous driving algorithm companies have applied the Pangea large model to scenarios such as scene generation, scene understanding, pre-labeling, and multi-modal retrieval, which greatly improved data processing efficiency.

You Peng, Director of Huawei Cloud EI Service Product Department, said that in order to help car companies and autonomous driving algorithm companies cope with challenges such as low data processing efficiency and slow model iteration, Huawei Cloud empowers the autonomous driving development platform through the Pangu large model to achieve three-tier acceleration:

Break the boundary of data and AI resource management through the digital intelligence fusion architecture, and complete development, testing, and online delivery on one platform, which doubles the efficiency of business innovation and achieves data acceleration; with the help of the Pangu model in cognition, perception, and decision-making , optimization and other capabilities in all fields, car companies can quickly train the models they need based on Pangu, and realize algorithm acceleration; based on Ascend AI cloud service, it can optimize 300+ algorithms for autonomous driving, and 60+ can achieve accuracy performance improvement, which can Do kilocalorie training without interruption for several months to achieve computing power acceleration.

“Smart cars have become a new economic growth point in my country, and the mass production process of autonomous driving is accelerating. Huawei’s cloud Pangu large model will continue to penetrate into the automotive industry scene, help the research and development of autonomous driving, and release the acceleration of mass production,” You Peng said.

In addition, HUAWEI CLOUD is the first in the industry to launch a cloud-based large-scale parallel simulation service, which can realize the simulation verification capability of “traveling thousands of miles a day”, which is thousands of times faster than the verification speed of real vehicles. The HUAWEI CLOUD autonomous driving development platform pre-integrates more than 250,000 scenario libraries, including more than 500 types of functional scenarios and more than 200 evaluation index systems, which can help automaker systems evaluate autonomous driving algorithms more efficiently. At the same time, it can also combine cloud simulation with real vehicles and roads to realize virtual-real simulation, reducing the scene construction work of traditional pure real vehicle testing from several days to minutes, and can also verify such things as sudden braking of the vehicle in front and pedestrians. In high-risk scenarios such as ghost probes, safety accidents can be avoided. After the algorithm is loaded into the car, the platform can also automatically upload the value data of various “Corner Cases” (extreme scenarios) to the cloud, realizing data closed-loop algorithm optimization iterations, and making the car “smarter and smarter”.

In order to accelerate the development and industrialization of autonomous driving technology, at this conference, HUAWEI CLOUD also joined hands with many companies in the automotive industry chain to jointly issue technologies including multi-sensor pre-fusion, motion planning for differentiated scenarios, and integrated integration of perception and decision-making. The “Tackling Key Technologies of Autonomous Driving” initiative calls on all parties to seize the opportunity, collaborate and innovate, and actively carry out research on difficult technical issues. HUAWEI CLOUD has also signed strategic cooperation agreements with Human Horizons, Heduo Technology, Saimu Technology, Stardust Data and other enterprises to carry out comprehensive and in-depth cooperation in the field of autonomous driving, cloud services, big data and other technologies.

Car-cloud collaboration accelerates the commercialization of commercial private car autonomous driving

For industrial scenarios such as ports and mines, HUAWEI CLOUD has also launched a car-cloud-combined commercial car autonomous driving solution, and has achieved efficient, safe, and reliable commercial driverless driving in multiple projects such as Tianjin Port and Jiangna Coal Mine. Operation.

This solution combines the technical advantages of vehicle-side intelligence and cloud services, effectively solves many technical problems such as road dust shading, frequent road changes, positioning signal occlusion, heavy-duty vehicle regulation and control, and supports safe automatic driving in complex operating environments; By connecting with the industry operation management system and carrying out collaborative fleet management and scheduling, the overall efficiency of automatic driving operations can be close to or even surpass that of manual work.

HUAWEI CLOUD provides professional services such as vehicle intelligent upgrade solution design, autonomous driving algorithm development and tuning while providing private car automatic driving solutions, accelerating the implementation of automatic driving in thousands of industries by automakers.

Provide global and professional services to support Chinese car companies to go global

At present, China’s auto export is gradually changing from “good quality and low price” to “world brand”, auto companies have changed from “product export” to “global integrated operation”, and the business globalization of auto companies is entering a stage of high-quality development.

Focusing on the “everything as a service” strategy, HUAWEI CLOUD provides stable, reliable, secure, and sustainable cloud services to customers, partners, and developers in more than 170 countries and regions around the world, and is committed to becoming the core of global business development for auto companies. Best partner.

HUAWEI CLOUD has built a global storage and computing network for KooVerse, which has covered 29 geographic regions and 83 availability zones around the world, creating a global 50ms low-latency experience circle to meet the global business deployment of car companies; at the same time, Huawei has many years of global compliance experience , with 120+ authoritative compliance certifications and 20+ security compliance packages around the world, escorting car companies going overseas; in addition, Huawei has more than 20 years of experience in going overseas, and has established 4 regional service centers and 170+ local service centers around the world , with 40,000+ service engineers, the original Chinese and local employees provide 7*24 hours of support services, provide sharing of local business law, finance and taxation, operation experience, etc., to help car companies achieve localization and global operation integration.

“We believe that Chinese auto companies will surely shine on the world stage,” said Shi Jilin. Huawei Cloud will provide customers and partners with continuously innovative technologies, services, and rich overseas experience, and join hands with Chinese auto companies to “accelerate on the cloud, Travel thousands of miles with wisdom” to jointly expand new global growth.