Huineng and Vingroup, the largest group in Vietnam, jointly produce EV solid-state battery packs in Vietnam

Vinfast ,an automotive subsidiary established byVietnam’s largest private group Vingroup and the first local automotive brand in Vietnam, recently announced the signing of a memorandum of cooperation (MOU) with solid-state battery company Huineng Technology. The two parties will establish a joint venture (JV). ) To jointly accelerate the commercialization of solid-state batteries in Vietnam.

According to the agreement, JV will have the priority purchase right of Huineng solid-state batteries, and obtain Huineng’s patented solid-state battery pack packaging technology MAB (Multi-Axis Bipolar+) authorization, which will be the first to produce Huineng’s CIM/CIP solid-state batteries in Vietnam. package (the cell Module iS / iS the cell Pack) , and in order to support the operation plan, the brightness can be responsible for the supply of its production base in the production of solid state batteries Inlay ( semi-solid-state battery cell, the positive and negative electrodes, solid electrolyte composition ) , this The scale of the production base will reach 1-2GWh by 2022 , enough to support Vinfast ‘s plan to mass produce solid-state battery vehicles in 2023-2024 .

Founded only 4 years ago , Vinfast has demonstrated strong ambition and action, and it has rapidly become the top five domestic automobile brands in Vietnam in 2020. In 2021 , it has released three new smart electric SUV models to demonstrate its strength. Ambitious to enter the global smart electric vehicle field. Through the establishment of a joint venture with Huineng , Vinfast will be able to use solid-state batteries to develop electric vehicles with excellent safety, longer cruising range, and shorter charging time, which will eventually complete its technical layout in terms of intelligence and performance.

Since 2006 was established hui to science and technology for the global solid-state battery commercialization leader, its solid-state battery products in the global consumer, industrial / professional, IoT cumulative sales experience or special electronic products, and in 2017 completed the world’s first years A fully automatic solid-state battery trial production line, and the civil construction of the first Giga -level mass production line will be completed in 2020 . Nowadays, Huineng is continuing to enter the stage of strategic cooperation with major global manufacturers and carry out the development and testing of solid-state batteries, covering power batteries, ship batteries, aerospace, rail cars, AGVs and other fields.