Hyper Photonix announces new manufacturing facility in Bengbu, China

Hyper Photonix, a leading innovator in optical transceiver products, today announced a significant expansion of its manufacturing capabilities, marked by the inauguration this past June of a state-of-the-art gigafactory in Bengbu, Anhui province, China. The new facility, encompassing an impressive 120,000 square feet and backed by a multi-million-dollar investment, exemplifies the company’s unwavering commitment to meeting the surging demand for cutting-edge optical transceivers in the hyper scale data center and AI markets.

This development represents a critical milestone for Hyper Photonix Ltd. With a dedicated focus on automation and manufacturing innovation, the company is taking a monumental step forward in bolstering its manufacturing capabilities, ramping up production of 400G, 800G transceivers, and preparing for future volume production of advanced 1.6T products. Production ramp up is planned to reach 50,000 units per month by the end of 2023, further increasing to several 100K units/month by the end of 2024.

Ming Yang, President and founder of Hyper Photonix, believes the accelerated integration of silicon photonics in optical transceivers will be critical to meet the fundamental challenges facing the industry. Further Yang stated: “Our company’s Hyper Silicon™ photonics technology platform combined with in-house Chip-to-Transceiver design, manufacturing and testing competencies ensures that our company is well positioned to provide volume solutions at a compelling price point and empower the rapid deployment of AI/ML in hyperscale data centers globally.”

Plans are underway to establish production lines outside of China by mid-2024 to mitigate production flow risks and offer customers alternative sourcing at enhanced value.

Hyper Photonix is showcasing live demonstrations of its multiple Hyper Silicon™ enabled transceivers at ECOC 2023, in Ethernet Alliance booth (# 460), where it is also participating in a series of interoperability demonstrations. This exhibition, taking place October 2-4 in Glasgow, Scotland, serves as a testament to the company’s unrelenting pursuit of advancing optical transceiver technology.